The Economic and Culture Impact of Wagner Ring Cycle in Adelaide 1998

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Special events have grown massively and contribute a lot of benefits to the host community. They provide a lot of recreational opportunities for local residents as well as assist in forming the tourism’s destination. As such potential contributions, government now involves in many festivals and special events to support and promote events as part of their strategies for economic development, infrastructure, and destination marketing. There are many types of special events but can be classify in categories: mega event, hallmark event, major event, and minor event. The duration of these events ranges from a single day up to many months in the case of World Expos. Special event produces a wide range of economic and social benefits for communities and regions. This economic and social impact will be assessed in this essay which focused on Wagner’s Ring Cycle held in Adelaide – South Australia in 1998.
The Wagner’s Ring Cycle has economic impact as well as social impact to the host community. These impacts, which can be positive and negative, will be discussed particularly through the staging event that made a successful Australia's first original Ring Cycle.
First of all, the economic impact is assessed by the information of the expenditure of the attendees and participants (spend how much and on what). The information is also obtained on “switching” for attendees and non-attendees in how much they would spend if the event had not been held in that area. The Wagner’s Ring Cycle event is a three complete cycles performed and each cycle is completed in seven – eight days period. The cost of the ticket range from $450 to $950 for the full cycle included food, drink and accommodation. It covers 8.6 days in average for interstate visitors and 10.7 days for international visitors which including transportation to Adelaide mainly by air. The target audience is narrower than…...

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