The Effectiveness of Jantro as Security Provider

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The researcher would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for making this thesis possible. His instructor, Mr. , for refreshing the researchers’ minds regarding the value of research; The JANTRO Security Agency, for their assistance in the providing the data for this research; The librarians, for the use of available materials related to the study; Their loving friends and classmates, for their continued support and guidance; More importantly to the ABSOLUTE SPIRIT, who is the source of his constant inspiration, knowledge and wisdom.

The Researcher

Chapter 1


Background of the Study Security is essential for both residential property and commercial property in this day and age – and many people are turning to security guards. Security guards are not police, they work for private companies, usually to provide 24/7 protection of assets, and occasionally, people. They are able to focus their entire effort to this task, as they are not patrolling, checking drivers for various infractions or anything else that police do. Businesses would be wide open to criminal activity without security officers, because there would be little protection from the police. Security officers are citizens, and as such, may detain someone until the police arrive to transport them. The police may have the security officer place the person under citizen's arrest, since the detainee did not commit a crime in the presence of the police officer. Security officers work hand in hand with the police to provide another level of protection.
The security…...

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