The Faithful and the Proud

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22 February 2014
The Faithful and the Proud Since the year 1609 the North American Native people have been forced to give up their way of life and land to the invading white race from Europe. Simply put, it is time to return to the native people what was most precious to them which was their religion. To this end by losing their sacred religion the native people of America lost that which bonded together their communities. Through religious arrogance it was not recognized, the nearly identical history both cultures share. Now that Christianity remains the dominate religion in all the Americas, it is easy to forget that another religion almost identical to Christianity was already in place with the most natural and noble people on earth. With overwhelming numbers, superior weaponry, unlimited resources, and disease, the Native North American people were forced to lose everything to include their religion which mirrored the ancient Israelites in spiritual devotion, practices, and belief system. As an example of the once proud religions belief system, George Catlin said “The North American Indians is are nowhere idolaters-they appeal at once to the Great Spirit, and know of no mediator, either personal or symbolical.” He also stated “In their feasts, fasting, and sacrifices they are exactly like those of the ancient Jews.” (George Catlin p. 233). The social system of the native people was almost identical to that instituted by Moses.
Garrick Mallery, the leading Smithsonian authority of his day, wrote: "The most surprising fact relating to the North American Indians, which until lately had not been realized, is that they habitually lived in and by religion to a degree comparable with that of the old Israelites under the theocracy. This was sometimes ignored, and sometimes denied in terms, by many of the…...

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