The Impact of Fast Food Advertisements on Consumers’ Buying Behavior

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The Impact of Fast Food Advertisements on Consumers’ Buying Behavior

Media are the most powerful tool of communication to advertise products and services of companies. Thus, types of media used are important in order to determine the effectiveness of advertisements. The aim of the present study is to examine the impact of fast food advertisements on consumers’ buying behavior. There are two main objectives of the paper which i) to examine the influence of fast food advertisements on IIUM students’ purchase decision and ii) to investigate the media preferences of IIUM students. The convenience sampling method used to collect data and 105 questionnaires distributed to IIUM students. The finding shows a positive relationship between fast food advertisements and consumers’ buying behavior. Besides, the finding reveals that, TV advertisement is the most preferable media among IIUM students.
Keywords: fast food advertisements, consumers’ buying behavior

The Impact of Fast Food Advertisements on Consumers’ Buying Behavior
Background of the study
For the past several years, the pattern of fast food consumption increasing tremendously among the young generation in Malaysia. The increase in the number of fast food outlets around Malaysia is proven as the growth of the Malaysian fast food industry. Among popular fast food restaurants in Malaysia are MC Donald’s (McD), Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Subway, Pizza Hut and many more. According to Jekanowski, Binkley, and Eales, (as cited in Hazrina, 2010) Malaysian fast food industry is rapidly growth due to changes in a lifestyle of people in major cities. Thus, advertisements play a crucial role to boost up company’s performance as it is an effective communication tool in which could convey a message to prospective consumers in the market. Consequently, fast food restaurant marketers…...

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