The Need for Change

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Introduction Planning and implementing change is neither a fast nor easy process. It involves much planning and hard work in order to see the plan succeed. Due to the level of competition between organizations today, change is important to allow companies to not only survive, but stay competitive in their markets. Major corporations have failed due to the inability to recognize and respond to the need for change. With the amount of competition in each and every market out there, every company has to take advantage of every possible advantage they can get. Change, if recognized early enough, can not only keep a company competitive but can also give companies an advantage by seeing a possible opportunity that has not been seen by other companies in the same market.
Company Overview The company that will be discussed in this paper is Storer Equipment Company Inc. The vision of Storer Equipment is, “We aspire to be the preferred partner pioneering innovative, sustainable solutions that provide energy efficient comfort, cost control and convenience” (Who We Are, 2012). Storer’s mission statement is, “As a trusted partner in our communities we strive to be industry leaders - professionals delivering sustainable, comprehensive, innovative and personalized solutions through teamwork, education and training” (Who We Are. 2012). At Storer Equipment, we are a commercial / industrial hvac company who prides ourselves in our abilities to effectively and efficiently take care of our customer’s needs. We are a Trane commercial franchise, so me service Trane equipment as the majority. When a mechanical contractor installs Trane commercial heating and air products and it is in our franchise area, we are contacted to start-up the equipment and ensure the installation was done correctly.
There are times when we have to get the contractor to fix things to better fill the strict…...

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