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The Piercer is a small device which designed to scare away attackers and to attract others who are willing to help or police officers. It’s a tiny portable device that hung on a chain worn like a necklace. When the device activated, it will emit a piercing sound which could traveled 500 meters away or so, and with a bright flashing light which could get attention from others and scare the attackers. To deactivate the device, the customer had to push two buttons at the same time which could prevent an attacker from being able to deactivate the device.

Stakeholder analysis
Financial institution (e.g., banks): To prevent from attacked by criminals directly protect the customer from being hurt or, the worst situation, death. In order to that the product indirectly prevents financial institution such as banks from losing customers.
Suppliers: To manufacture point of view, the product stimulate the factory to earn more profit.
Government: From preventing such attacks, government doesn’t need to send more police officers on duty, in order to cut the financial budget and send police force to place wherever needed.
Employees: By manufacturing and designing the product, the employee can get income.
Dealers: For the whole business chain, dealers get their profit.
Environmentalists: By using recyclable material, it will be an environmental friendly product.
Surrounding community: By preventing such attacks from customers, surrounding community will get a comfortable and safe community.
Customer: Directly prevent the customers from being attacked.
Investors: Get profit, get all the credit from being able to let customer protect themselves and reduce the criminal rate.

SWOT analysis Strengths Opportunities
Internal  Cost $2 to make, for wholesale $7.50, with a retail price of $14.95 External  Social  For baby boomers and other customers such…...

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