The Reason for Increase in Divorce in the Uk Can Be Explained by the Changes in the Law. Discuss This Statement.

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There are many reasons why people get divorced. Many laws have been introduced changing how easy it is to get divorced since 1923. In the past divorce was rare, costs were high and there was stigma surrounding getting divorced as it was often looked down upon. However in 2012 almost a fifth of couples went through a divorce and this is because of changes in the law.

Before 1923 women didn't have the same rights as men to divorce. Women could only divorce their husband if they had evidence to show that their husband had mistreated them, committed adultery or left for over 2 years. However in 1923 this was abolished and women now had the same rights as men to divorce. This resulted in more divorce because women were allowed to file divorce on the same basis as men and therefore almost twice the amount of divorces were granted.
In 1949 there was the introduction of legal aid. This meant that poorer people could receive help with paying lawyers if they wanted to go through a divorce. This meant that poorer people could get divorces, which also lead to higher divorce rates.

In 1969 their was a rise of feminism. This effected divorce rates greatly as women began to feel empowered and confident in their abilities to stand up to men and make their own decisions for their overall happiness. More women started to file for divorce if they were unhappy rather than staying with their husband for the sake of their children or out of fear of how their husband will react.

In 1970 there was the introduction of the 'Equal pay act' law. This meant that it was now illegal for women to be payed less than men in the workplace and they could no longer be discriminated against. Much like the rise of feminism, women now felt empowered and independent enough to make the decision of filing for a divorce. It also meant women were making their own money and no longer felt that…...

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