The Role of Effective Communication in Managing Information Technology Projects

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The role of effective communication in managing Information Technology projects
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Write academic paper in which you discuss the role of effective communication in managing IT projects. * The paper should be well-researched and conceptualised, drawing on arguments in published books and academic articles. * It should critically discuss the role of effective communication from a broad perspective, paying attention to the implications for team dynamics, management of conflict, dissemination of project briefs, management of meeting, collection and management of information etc. * The paper should cite at least three published books and three journal articles. These sources must be cited in-text and a complete reference list provided at the end of the paper. * It should be written in very formal academic English, with no contractions, clichés, slang, abbreviations, emotive and/or gender insensitive words. * Your arguments and/or claims must be logical and well-developed using sufficient examples and supporting data from your research. You might consider using sub-headings to enhance readability. * Paper should have an abstract of 200words and a methodology section. It should also have a declaration and a content page. * The entire paper should not exceed 12 pages and it should be carefully edited for style and language. * It should be typed in Arial font size 12 with sub-headings in 14. It should be in 1.5 line spacing with all pages justified and numbered at the bottom. * The cover page should contain your full names, student number, group (3A or 3B etc) and the topic of the paper. It should also contain the name of the lecturer, subject code and subject title. * The final draft must be submitted in a spiral-bound…...

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