The School Improvement Plan of Maulawin National High School Towards the Attainment of Its Mission and Vision Statement –an Example of Od in the 21st Century

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The School Improvement Plan of Maulawin National High School towards the Attainment of its Mission and Vision Statement –An example of OD in the 21st century

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In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement in Organizational Development and Leadership Effectiveness (MEM 643)

Andrew C. Imperial
October, 2013

Every public school in the Philippines is mandated to have a three-year School Improvement Plan (SIP). It is a document which embodies what a school wants to achieve and the manner with which to achieve it. Mission and Vision, which the SIP contains, are one of the essential parts of the SIP. School Vision will provide the direction and leadership toward collaborative actions, steer the administration, teachers and the stakeholders to act in one course, serve as guide with the critical point such as dreams, goals and aspiration of the institution while the School Mission is something that describe the path that the school chooses to take to become what it wants to be as expressed in the vision statement.
This term paper describes the issue on the process on school improvement planning that includes an instrument by which the community can hold a certain school accountable for student performance. The goal of every school improvement plan should be to reach every student. In order to accomplish this, school administrators and staff must focus on student learning and the best practices that they wish to see in their classrooms and implement these best practices at the professional level. Whether implicit or explicit, a school mission and vision that is understood and embodied by all members of a school seems to have some effect on the success of a all school.


The result of School Improvement Planning is a School…...

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