The Self Paper

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The Self Paper


May 19, 2014

The Self Paper

According to Greenwald, Banaji, Rudman, Farnham, Nosek, and Mellott (2002), the concept of self is defined as the association of self with one or more characteristic concepts. The concept of self is complex and made up of many different parts that contribute to the whole meaning, such as the conceptual and operational parts (Fiske, 2010). The conceptual part includes the body, inner self, interpersonal self, and collective self (Fiske, 2010). The operational part includes emotions that affect self-esteem, and behavior that affects self-presentation (Fiske, 2010). Self-concept is attained through different ways, including comparison with other people. The following research material gives an understanding of self in deeper measure.

Concept of Self

There are many factors that contribute to the concept and development of self. Conceptual self, operational self, and core motives are all a part of self. Fiske notes that the “self is not a single thing” but is more comparable to a coral reef rather than a bowling ball (pp.186). Self-concept is broken down into conceptual self and operational self. The conceptual section includes the material self. This is the body self, inner self, interpersonal self, and collective self (Fiske, 2010). The operational section is how psychologists measure self by researching self-concept, emotions, self-esteem, and self-presentation, or behavior (Fiske, 2010). The body self is that relating to the physical body whereas the inner self, or spiritual self, relates to internal feelings, attitudes, interests, and abilities (Fiske, 2010). The interpersonal self, or relational self, are the connections taking place between people such as family and colleagues. The collective self, or societal self, is how people view themselves in the concept of culture or…...

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