The Social Impact on Social Policy

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The Social Impact Of Social Policies In Human Services
Kimberly Covington
Walden University
Human Services Theory

November 02, 2014

The Social Impact Of Social Policies In Human Services
Poverty and Homelessness has become a constant contribution to the economic crisis which continues to plague society. There are several factors which can contribute to the homeless population such as alcohol usage, drug usage, education, mental health issues, criminality, and the unfortunate employability of armed forces personnel.
A major cause of homelessness is health related issues which contribute to economic instability, which can affect an individual’s ability and accessibility to work in certain capacities. Adequate health, nutrition, and education effects the individual’s ability to work and function in secondary and vocational schooling. Debilitating and chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension; all which can be directly related to poor nutrition due to limited availability to healthy food choices.
Poor nutrition can also be a big contributor to recovery time necessary to get back to work from illnesses. This lack of health care affordability and the ability for individuals to recover from illness exacerbates the effect the financial deficit of the economy. The affordability of healthcare has contributed to working families’ deciding whether it is important to pay healthcare premiums or pay household bills such as food, shelter, utilities, and clothing.
Historically, employers cover insurance premiums, however due to a decline in jobs and a continuous inflation in living cost, individuals are unable to maintain their lifestyles and in worse cases their home.
Families are becoming homeless at an alarming rate, which is contributing to the increase homeless children population in the school system. Most of these…...

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