The University of Dissension

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The University of Dissension
Labor unions can help their members by negotiating collectively for wages and benefits that are often better than individuals could negotiate on their own. A worker would have little chance of success in going to an employer as asking for a pay raise simply because he couldn’t make ends meet. He would likely be fired on the spot, especially in the 19th century, for making such a demand and cutting into the employer’s profits. Unions, however, can make the same requests and have the benefit of representing the entire workforce, with a greater chance of success. There are times when wages need to be raised to be equitable, but the power of the unions is that they can sometimes raise wages and benefits to unrealistically high levels. That is why, unions can guarantee neither the economic needs of wage and hour increases nor job satisfaction.

Why even consider the possibility of unionization? When lower-level employees start to feel the weight of the rising economy demands, the lack of wages, hours, and job satisfaction – other options become more desirable. Unionization sounds like a great idea to the minimum wage employees who feel dissatisfied with perhaps taking on the responsibilities of employees who have left the company for better opportunities. However there are many reasons why a company should avoid joining a union. Unions present a great idea, but here are a few examples of why not to unionize: Unions cannot guarantee the economic needs of wage and hour increases, job satisfaction, better supervisory performances and communication (Bateman & Snell, 2009, pg 386).
Avoid Unionization
What steps would you take as a school administrator to resolve this issue and avoid unionization of the operator's staff?
Employees form unions because they are dissatisfied with the conditions in which they are working under and the…...

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The University of Dissension

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University of Dissension

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University of Dissension

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