The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead

In a world impacted by an unknown sickness that allows the dead to rise and feast on the living. The men and women survivors must find ways to avoid flesh eating the mobs of walking dead. The new environment requires people of strong wills, physical strength, and emotional intelligence to survive. The survivors must be heroic or villainous with skills that represent the ability to survive. The Walking Dead television series sends a double layered message about gender. Aggression, compassion, and emotional intelligence displayed by both genders on the show, but underlying differences exist because of how the two genders react to their new environment. Three key differences are implied about genders: first men are more aggressive than women; men and women behave differently even under the same situations, and that both genders have advantages and disadvantages in their quest for survival.
The Walking Dead focuses on a group of survivors whose lives are destroyed by an unknown illness. The show contains various scenarios that both men and women characters face challenges in a new flesh eating Zombie world. The show indicates in several scenes that men are better suited for survival because of their aggression, physical strength, and lack of emotion. One example is the main character Rick who faces a multitude of events that require him to be violent and brutal when killing the walkers (the living dead) and in some cases the killing the living too. Rick is shown to be a symbol of strengthen as a leader and father. In contrast, women characters such as Andrea, Carol, and Laurie are shown to be weak lacking strength, aggression and emotional fortitude to survive the challenges of their new environment. From the onset of the plague, the males have been shown to take the lead and women are shown as being…...

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