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This article by Mannix, Locy, Clark, Smith, Perry, McCoy…Kaplan (2000) titled The Web’s Dark Side discusses the not-so-popular side of surfing the internet, referred to as cyberspace–a rather outdated nickname–and plays out a week online with examples various crimes and misdemeanors, swindles, thefts, perils and problems of the internet. The types of crimes and wrongdoings is vast, and many various types of crimes are detailed with accounts of individuals, what crimes were committed, how it came about, and sometimes the outcome. The material demonstrates how fast the world of the Internet has developed: written thirteen years ago, it already hints of a day long ago, and therefore is enjoyable reading for the comparison of matters today. At the time it was breakthrough technology. If re-written, it could apply to today as well.
It is pointed out how the internet has revolutionized our lives and society, and then the article points out how vast this new arena is, lending itself to all sorts of “bad stuff out there.” It is the rate at which crimes are reported that has really caused the focus of the article to occur. A slew of statistics are given, which, if compared to today, would probably seem like child’s play, but the point is that rate of increase is comparatively alarming.
U.S. News and World Report, whom the team of authors is employed for, sent a team of reporters out for one particular week to discover a host of crimes in the online world, and the rest of the article is spent reviewing cases discovered, culminating with a week-in-review list of the reporter’s findings.
The first legal issue the article analyzed was cyberstalking, or the equivalent of the playground bully, but on a more serious level, and done from halfway across the country. The scene is a picture of a middle school set in the crosshairs of a riflescope and the school principle displayed…...

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