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BS Information Technology 2013-2014, 1st Semester Ang Paglalakbay Ni Bobby: A 3D Movie

The proposed 3D short film was cover 27 minutes and 33 seconds of time. This story shows about the love and guidance of the parents to their child. It also gives moral lesson all viewers. The short 3D film covers comedy, drama, adventure and also a lesson that can touch and put in mind to all the viewers. The character was in form of animals. An Animal Tale which animals are featured prominently, either as the main characters or as important participants in the unfolding of a narrative manner. The movie was rated as General Patronage which benefits and admitted to all ages of viewer. The study was similar to 3D short film Turbo, Monsters University and Rio in a way of main characters was in animal forms; and also similar to the study Brave and Transcend that acquired lesson to all age’s of viewer and gives a deep message about the importance of family and life. The difference of the study was the new conducted story that shows the creativity of the proponents. It also gives moral lesson to everyone, which lesson realizes that everyone was lucky to have their family which gives us love

and guidance; also lucky to have people around whom always give support and we can rely on. In order to develop the studies, the proponents meet a deep research. Profound research was chosen as a starting point to engage in the study. Analyzing and optimizing such texts or stories, design to create images (modeling, rigging and skinning), animation and supplement of Audio have a long tradition within this kind of research. In the process of developing the study, the creativeness of the proponents, involving manners, decision making and managerial planning are important. The proponents was used 3D Studio Max 2012, a…...

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