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1. 2. 3.

Please enclose two copies of recent passport size photograph and paste one in the box alongside Also enclose an attested photocopy of your photo -ID (Ration card / Passport / PAN Card) Enclose a non-refundable fee of Rs. 1000/- for (PG/UG) by crossed bank draft (DD) payable at Delhi drawn in favour of “IIPM“

20 14

passport sizedphotograph


 PG - Programme in Planning & Entrepreneurship - Post Graduate Diploma in Planning & Entrepreneurship - Triple Specialisation with Marketing and Economics as Compulsory Specialisation and One Elective Specialisation ( Finance/HR/IT ) + One Compulsory Super Specialisation ( Entrepreneurship )  UG - Integrated Programme in Planning & Entrepreneurship - Graduate Diploma in Planning & Entrepreneurship - Post Graduate Diploma in Planning & Entrepreneurship

Interview Centre  Bangalore  Chennai  Hyderabad  Delhi  Kolkata  Mumbai  Online

Study Centre  Bangalore  Chennai  Hyderabad  Delhi  Kolkata  Mumbai

- Triple Specialisation with Marketing and Economics as Compulsory Specialisation and One
Elective Specialisation ( Finance/HR/IT ) + One Compulsory Super Specialisation ( Entrepreneurship )


  
Surname First Name Middle Name

A.2. Date of Birth: A.3. Sex: M  A.6. Nationality:

 (DD / MM / YYYY)
F A.4. Marital Status: Married  Single  A.5. Blood Group:


Y N If yes, expiry date:

A.7. Do you have a passport:

 (DD / MM / YYYY)

A.8. Father’s / Guardian’s Name (Please strike out whichever is not applicable)

  
Surname First Name Middle Name

A.9. Father’s / Guardian’s Occupation: _________________________________________…...

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...Marketing Communications  Slightly different ad, for instance, on TV and on the Internet (different target groups or INTEGRATED) PERSUADE – INFORM – REMIND Recognition – Awareness of name, benefit and package Preference – Consumer will buy if available...evoked set Insistence – Will search for; must have Brand loyalty  Reduces marketing cost  Creates entry barriers  Generates a positive image  Provides time to respond to competitor moves (What is Branding.mp4) BRAND NAME SELECTION 1. Suggest benefits and qualities 2. Easy to pronounce, recognize and remember 3. Distinctive 4. Extendable 5. Translatable for the global economy 6. Capable of registration and legal protection HW Take one brand – Try to make the “Dell” thingy. 3-4 qualities. 13.7.2012 VICTORIA’S SECRET The target audience, 18 to 35 year-old age groups, both men and women, is affected by this advertisement. Objectives: The women feel the need to be as sexy and beautiful as the model is, and the men want to see their girlfriends and wives look like the model Message: Pretty girls wearing bikinis dancing on a yacht -> too guys paddling canoe -> a big wave knocks them over--------------A message comes up: LOGO + “You will do anything to get your hands on the New Summer Collection” -> after credits: the same guys building a better raft... • TV-ad • Ad in magazine – Cosmopolitan (girls dancing) • Hot girls giving flyers + free shopping bags at Plaza......

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...Patino University of Phoenix               “Instructions on how to make a P.B. & J. Sandwich” The first step to making a P.B. & J. sandwich would be to purchase the necessary products for the P.B. & J. sandwich which would be: 1 loaf of bread, wheat or white whatever your preference, 1 jar of peanut butter creamy or crunchy whatever your preference, 1 jar of jelly or jam once again whatever your preference, 1 square of paper towel, and 1 knife. First place the paper towel on the table in front of you spread out, secondly you need to open the up the bag of bread by taking off the wire tie off or plastic square pinch thingy that keeps the bread fresh. Thirdly take two pieces of bread out and place them flat next to each other on the paper towel re-close the loaf of bread with either the wire or plastic pinch off thingy. Then open up the jar of peanut butter then gab the knife by the handle as if you were to the peanut butter out of the jar and scoop. Once you have scooped the peanut butter out of the jar then spread it on one of the two pieces of bread that are laid flat on the paper towel; then repeat the same process with the jam or jelly on the opposite bread. The final step is to join the two pieces of breads together on the sides on witch you placed the peanut butter and jelly or jam. It is finally complete in order for you to enjoy the wonderful creation of the P. B. & J....

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