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A Time for Change
Having the ability and desire to change in todays every changing culture is a necessity in order for any organization to be able to sustain growth. Change can occur on a large scale such as a complete makeover for an organization or it can form on a small scale such as employees within the organization. This paper will diagnose and devise a plan to create change within the organization of JCP. The change will be devised by using Kotters 8 Step Change process to change the overall staffing of JCP.
JCP is a large chain retail store that was started in 1902 by James Cash Penney under the name Golden Rule Store. Mr. Penney beliefs were “to make money and build a business through serving the community with fair and honest value”, (New York: Harper, 1950). Mr. Penney’s business plan was to start out small, locate in an inexpensive small community, take cash only for his merchandise, and to provide the merchandise that the consumers wanted at a fair price.
In a speech Mr. Penney gave to his associates the night before the opening of his first store, he spoke of his morals and values and how he visualized his store to be operated, a vision that will carry through throughout the years. “My talk to you this evening is to be very brief and very much to the point. The name of our store is "The Golden Rule Stores." The policy upon which we expect to build is just what the name implies. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I think I need say no more, because in those few words, I have said much. If a business can be built on the principles of the Golden Rule, and I firmly believe it can, we shall go forward and add to this one unit another store and another store. Then some day we might have as many as ten stores. Right here I want to emphasize this: treat our customers all alike and treat them as we would like to be treated as a customer ((James…...

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