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------------------------------------------------- tHE HISTORICAL PATHWAY FOR US TODAY

January 22, 2014 lAUREN mURRAY
January 22, 2014 lAUREN mURRAY

Today is a new time and age for the African American community. They have been watered down, hanged, shot and killed because we were black and they felt that African Americans deserved to be treated like scum of the earth. All they want to do is live their life like a normal person. Nobody is perfect is and we all deserve to be treated like kings and queens no matter what race you are. We all were born the same way and we all will die the same way. Why does color have such a negative stereotype on a person’s life? Since only Lord knows the time that slavery was around and racism was not taking seriously. African Americans were treated unfairly and had no rights. African Americans got treated like we did not matter. They worked the Caucasian man in the house or out in the field. They were told to do the unthinkable and there was nothing that we could have did about it. African Americans suffered for a very long time, they were not able to vote, go to school, ride the front of the bus, sit at the counter of a restaurant and so many more rights that they did not have. Over the years it was very hard for African Americans to do what they wanted to do. They could not own their own land. It was very hard for African Americans to get a mortgage or any type of housing. They were sleeping in shelters and in their cars. Not even just then, but in 1934 there was a Federal Housing Administration established, only because of all the foreclosures that were happening in this time. A lot of African American people could not afford their mortgage because they really did not have the money to keep up with the payments. It was still difficult for them to find jobs around this depression time. They felt that…...

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