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Parental Tips for Raising Gifted Girls
The following tips will be helpful to parents and family members of gifted girls to stimulate the development of the gifted girl’s self-esteem and confidence.
1. As parents, be coaches, not judges. Coaches encourage, have high expectations, praise, criticize, and set limits, but children believe coaches on the same team. Parents who are continuously judgmental alienate their children because children feel like they are against them.
2. Emphasize intelligence, hard work, independence, sensitivity, and perseverance in your daughters. De-emphasize the importance of appearance. Relationships that are appearance-based fade as may pretty appearances.

3. Set as high expectations for your daughters as for your sons.

4. Teach healthy competition. Encourage the exhilaration of winning, but don't always let girls win. Winning builds confidence; losing builds character.

5. Don't pressure your daughters to fit in socially. Many girls feel different during adolescence. Help them to feel comfortable with their differences and redirect their energies toward positive activities.

6. Encourage your daughters to be involved in all-girl activities like Girl Scouts, and consider all-girl classes or schools if boys cause them to lose confidence or distract from their learning.

7. Encourage your daughters to read stories about successful women. This helps to build positive role models.

8. Don't let birth order get in the way of giving each of your daughters leadership opportunities, responsibilities, and some of your time alone.

9. Consider traveling with your daughters. Travel provides a spirit of adventure, enrichment, family bonding, and self-confidence.

10. Regardless of how busy you are, preserve time to talk with and listen to your daughters…...

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