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Executive Summary
The TJX Corporation is a large retailor with stores throughout the United States,, Puerto Rico and United Kingdom. In 2005, a security breach of credit card information occurred through a seventeen-month period. The intrusion of customer personal information has grossed the concern of the security among their IT infrastructure.
The following criteria based upon their security concerns and customer relationships recovery. Their growth as a discount retailer is dependent on the course of action they must take. They will adhere to a secure network, protect their stored data, prevent future intrusion of their system, restrict access to unauthorized users and frequently test for the implementation of their security measures.
TJX will focus on establishing IT governance, mitigate risk, and develop a management strategy through the following alternatives. They will focus on hardware and software upgrades to prevent future attacks of their communication lines and their network through enhanced software and data encryptions. A Payment Card industry Data Security standard has been established and must be maintained by TJX, an implementation from the IT security team will be completed on a regular basis ensuring that all files and file transfers are appropriately encrypted. Internal and external security and network audits will need to be performed on a regular basis to comply with the PCIDSS. This will allow for testing of their system access and identify concerns within the security system. In addition, process logs will be added to detect access to accounts. This will identify unauthorized use and theft of data.
It is recommended that TJX upgrade their current network and security protocols, ensure terminals at kiosks are properly secured and firewalls will be installed.
TJX will use the following 8 Keys to Sane Security Strategy and implement the…...

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