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Strategic Business Assessment………………………………;….………………Page 4
Design a Wireless System………………………………………………………..Page
Planned Competitive Improvements……………………………………………...Page
Other Competitive Technological Solutions……………………………………..Page
Upgrading to Next Generation……………………………………………………Page
Summary and Conclusions……………………………………………………….Page
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The first generation of cellular networks or 1G was first build in Chicago in 1977. It uses multiple cell towers sites, each connected through a network, allowed users to travel and even switch cell towers during a call. It was known as the Analog Mobile System (AMPS) and operates on the 824-894MHz range. A Japanese telecommunications company NTT builds their own network in 1979, which became the first 1G network to cover an entire country. In 1981, the Nordic Mobile Telephone network was the first to feature international roaming. It operates in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. Mobile phones start becoming popular in the United States in the late 80’s and early 90’s when phones were small enough to carry without been in a car or suit case. Strategic Business Assessment

United States Cellular goal is to provide quality wireless communications services to their customers and to rapidly grow their customer base, revenue, and profits. They are committed to professional growth to their associates and good corporate citizenship in the communities that they serve. U.S. Cellular ® Corporation is the 6th largest wireless telephone company in the United States. They own cellular…...

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