Tracking Our Online Trackers

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Gary Kovacs: Tracking our online trackers
We are being tracked, as we surf websites, in ways that are not always conform to what we would agree if we knew it. From time to time, tracking can be helpful in a way that it enables websites to recommend us shoes or clothes, friends we should connect to or places we would like to see, but companies are abusing this tracking by building a sort of digital profile, so called ‘Behavioural Tracking’, and using it in ways we are not aware of. This kind of tracking is what caused a problem of using data without the permission of the users. The bad of online tracking is that it filters everything you do online, there is lack of control and data can be stolen (thesis).

The first reason online tracking is bad is that the data, that companies receives from a user’s online behavioural, has the potential to get stuck in a sort of filter bubble. Hereby other information becomes unreachable to that same user and similar information are shown repeatedly, putting the user in a sort of filter bubble. Also for advertisers, this reason is a disadvantage, as they are missing users who would be interesting in their product or service.

Second, many website do whatever they want with user’s information. Sites such as Amazon, Facebook and Google, collects these kind of data and often allow third-party advertising sites to do almost whatever they want with it. This is lack of control and the users are unable to refrain out of it, as they are being followed every single second or click online.

Third, data can end up in the wrong hands. The danger exist that an advertising firm can be hacked and that sensitive, confidential information can be stolen. Last few years hacking incidents in general has increased and this topic became more a concern. For example, the largest breaches ever happened, was at The PlayStation Network (Sony), which was…...

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