Training and Development in Health Care

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Training and Development in Healthcare
Michelle Weber
HCS 341
March 6, 2011
Tracie Mileski

Training and Development in Healthcare
Training and development in healthcare are extremely important. The many varied workplaces that healthcare workers are found make training and development just as varied. Large and small medical practices, hospitals, therapy centers and testing facilities all require employees skilled in specific tasks as well as administrative functions. Interpersonal skills among the staff are also necessary for the organization to be effective and serve the patients. Dealing with patient’s health and financial issues are also part of a healthcare worker’s skills.
Developing training programs within a medical practice may be in the form of on the job training for the office functions which contribute to the profitability of the practice. Depending on the size of the office they may be done by the more experienced workers explaining the processes of the front office, insurance and keeping all the records. Small offices may still use paper records, so the need for accurate filing of patient information would be one of the most important and tedious skills required. Electronic medical recordkeeping requires additional knowledge of computer skills.
Hospital healthcare workers skills are much more specific than those of office workers. While in an office a medical assistant may be responsible for all testing such as electrocardiograms, X-rays and phlebotomy; in a hospital these functions are performed by departments, each trained in the area of expertise needed for the increased volume of patients and possibly much more challenging situations.
Measuring competencies is important in both situations. Workers skills need to be monitored to be sure the tests or care provided are of the best available. Using skills inventories by HR keep…...

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