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Gerhard Hernandez
Writing Composition 1013
Alyson Martin
Traveling can be a broadening experience. Nowadays, people are traveling for many reasons Vacations, business, entertainment and many other things. I think that the most important part of traveling is how it can broaden and open your mind. The most frequent arguments for traveling broadening the mind are that you get to interact with different cultures and experience a lot of new things. Obviously how much it broadens your mind depends on how you travel rather than when or how often you do it.

In my case, traveling has really made an impression on my life, I have learned so many things by doing it that I would do it again without thinking about it. The most amazing trip I have ever had was the first time I visited the United States of America. That was such an amazing experience, I learned as much as I could. First of all, I thought I already knew how to speak English until I had my first real conversation with an American, by the time we finished talking, I was so disappointed that I started talking to every man I could talk to and had my parents make me order the food in restaurants and fast food places, that was very funny and difficult at first but it became easier throughout the days. Also, I never thought there was going to be such a big difference between cultures, people were so different, I really thought that I was in another world and got pretty impressed with the clean environment I was surrounded by, that is another very important thing you learn while you travel, how people cares in different ways about the place they live in.

Finally, the best way to get more than just experience when you are travelling is to travel with a purpose, by doing that, everything will become a lot easier.

Gerhard Hernandez
Writing Composition 1013
Alyson Martin…...

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