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Introduction BMl refers to (body mass index) which, determines the ratio of people’s body weight to their height. BMl measurement can be done by taking a person’s body weight kilograms and dividing their height in meters square. Therefore, as indicated by the national health institute (2012) overweight is ratio for women are 27.3 or more, and for men 27.8. So, the equation for BMl is: BMl (kg/m^2)= weight(kg)/height(m)^2.
Calculations of my BMl Weight:170 Height:5’7 First I am going to divide my weight by 2.2 because there are 2.2 pounds in kilograms. 170lb/2.2lb =77.27kg Second, I am going to convert my height to meters, my height is 5 feet and 7 inches. To convert my height to inches I will take 5 x 12 +5= 65 Then I will take 65in /0.0254m = 2.55m
Third I will the square root in meters: 2.55m/2.55m = 6.50m^2
Fourth, I am going to divide my weight in kg in meters squared to get my ratio weight 77.27kg/ 6.50m6^2 = 18.88kg/m^2
Game Plan After looking at the BMl table standard I am considered to be normal weight as indicated by Smith (2014) because my ratio number is 18.9 and I am between the numbers 18.5 and 24.9. In addition, to my ration weight being 18.8 I plan to maintain my ratio by changing the portions I take in everyday, how many calories I take in, and develop an exercising plan to make me stay healthy. First, I plan to change my portions that I eat daily, so, I will be eating a 1 cup of vegetables for dinner and lunch with some kind of white meat or fish, plan to eat cup of rice or pasta with the vegetables. Breakfast time I plan to eat a 1 cup of fruit with one wheat pancake or waffle with one glass of low-fat milk or orange juice. Also for breakfast I plan to make smoothies consisting of bananas, strawberries, and other types of fruits to help keep me full throughout the morning. Lunch time I plan to eat a small bowl of…...

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