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TruEarth Case Analysis

There are various objectives facing the decision maker of TruEarth foods. It is vital to have set objectives before launching a product or even a brand. There needs to be a clear vision of where the company will be in the long and short term, as well as objectives on how TruEarth will run its business and market its products. The main objectives TruEarth needs to focus on are: project objectives, company objectives, personal objectives; long-term versus short term and also the explicitly stated versus implied objectives.
The project objective for TruEarth is to successfully find the best way to enter the emerging whole grain pizza market and be the leader in this environment. As the health food industry has continued to boom, TruEarth needs to find the proper way to enter the fresh, healthy, non-frozen pizza market and appeal to those who want pizza, without the pre-existing health risks.
As a company, TruEarth focuses their objectives on sustaining their competitive advantage over competitors in the healthy gourmet foods market when entering into the very profitable pizza market. TruEarth’s initial product launch of the Cucina Fresca brand of fresh cut pasta and sauces proved to be successful due to a first mover advantage in a market without a clear leader. The company must now decide what is going to sustain their competitive advantage: attempt to gain the first mover advantage in the pizza market by launching their product as quickly as possible, or take market research into consideration and tweak their product in order to have a better received product but risk first mover advantage.
Gareth DeRosa, founder of TruEarth, had various personal objectives for starting his company as well as wanting to enter the whole grain pizza market. DeRosa saw an opportunity to market healthier gourmet pastas and sauces made from superior and…...

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...TruEarth’s dilemma to launch a new pizza product TruEarth, maker of gourmet pastas, sauces and meals, has successfully launched a new product named Cucina Fresco in 2006 and took the first mover advantage in healthy food industry. Although Cucina Fresco led to TruEarth’s great success, it doesn’t promise TruEarth a long-term profit due to intense competition. Truearth has gradually lost its market share to Rifazzi after Rifazzi’s introduction of its whole grain fresh pasta in late 2007. Identifying customers’ needs for healthy food and the market trend based on extensive market research, TruEarth is facing a critical business decision about whether to launch a new product line of whole grain pizza or not while its main competitor Rigazzi also intends to launch a similar product. Launching whole grain pizza might help TruEarth to expand its product diversity and retain its position in whole grain products; however, besides the threat posed by Rigazzi, the presence of existing strong competitors such as Kraft and Nestle and consumers’ perception of healthy value of pizza also put TruEarth at a disadvantage. Success of Cucina Fresca pasta TruEarth was the first company that identified the opportunity for healthy gourmet products and developed products that met customers’ needs. As the trend of having a healthier diet grows, Cucina Fresca offers not only fresh pasta and sauce with healthy ingredients as home meal replacements but also a better taste than dry, shelf-stable......

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...time updates. c. Social: Very much involved in creating and improving online social networks. Q2 Strategic Objective: TruEarth healthy foods promote holistic thinking in conventional world. They are committed to serve their customers with best quality food products, healthier gourmet food with whole grain and organic ingredients. TruEarth’s strategic objective is to gain long-term market share and dominance by leveraging its market position to offer customers a wider variety of products; enhancing existing products to provide greater value to customers. Marketing strategy: Following are the recommended Marketing Strategies that we believe TruEarth should pursue to win the loyalty of “Salubrious Cognizant Moms” tribe. Marketing strategy for TruEarth is focused on product, distribution, pricing and promotion. Following key strategies will assist us in developing TruEarth’s overall marketing strategy to win this tribe loyalty. Product Strategy Distribution Strategy Pricing Strategy Promotion Strategy Product Development Selective distribution Skimming strategy Culture based brand Diversification Functional benefit Tangible attributes Product Strategy: Product strategy adopted is product development and diversification that involves moderate to high innovation and development of new market segment. These product strategies are essential for TruEarth as they are developing whole grain refrigerated pizza and intends to leverage their existing product popularity.......

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...Purpose of this research paper is to find out if company need to launch production of whole grain pizza and to come up with semi-comprehensive marketing plan for this new product. Along with marketing plan we will provide market analysis that shows benefit of launch new product, define our target market and create value for the product. Market Analysis The business situation of TruEarth Healthy Foods Company is it faces two challenges now, one is from competitor and another is from itself. Firstly, TruEarth was good at produce Cucina Fresca - a kind of whole grain pasta meal. The revenue was $23 million by the end of 2007. However, growth had slowed in 2008 as competitor (Rigazzi) began offering similar products. Secondly, the Truearth faces a threat that is it only produces one kind of product. If Truearth cannot keep advantage in the market of whole grain pasta, then the company will be in a very disadvantageous position. Our purpose in this case is to help TruEarth to launch a product and provide a marketing plan. The whole grain pizza is a potential product that TruEarth is considering to launch in the future. Based on the pasta’s data, we can get the trial rate of pizza is 27.3 %(definitely would buy 18% times actually buy 80% plus probably would buy 43% times actually buy 30%). Customers Awareness is 16.2%(11% tried product times 50% customer awareness plus 89% un-tried product times 12% non-customer awareness). So the Marketing adjusted trial rate equal......

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