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Is the U.N still relevant? To what extent can it effectively adapt and reform to deal with challenges such as human rights, peaceful conflict resolution, terrorism, and genocide? Discuss with reference to course readings and lecture notes.

Intro: * The UN was established at the end of ww2 * Its main purpose: maintaining international peace and security * Un charter: refers to the needs and interests of peoples * The UN remains to be relevant however it tends to be flawed in many ways possible
Although there are many flaws to the UN, it remains to be relevant due to the crucial consolidating role it played in, promotion and development of public international law, defence of the universality of human rights, dissemination of new ideas about peace and security, advocacy of plans against poverty, protection of the environment, protects 22m refugees and hosts to 7,500 meetings a year in Geneva alone.
Although we do have political order since the presence of the UN, such political order might not be good because due to its flaws, the UN’s unstable trust and legitimacy is what keeps Yes we do have political order, but that might not be good because trust and legitimacy is what keeps the institution moving on the path all states can depend on.

Most of the UN's political operations, including peacekeeping, answer to the Security Council.
Security Council made up 15 states. Decisions to be made by majority of 9 out of 15. The ones who get things done veto
5 five permanent members have Veto (the US, Britain, France, USSR -later Russia, and China)

problem : biases and values towards the west theres political decentralization and that worries us due to the fact that societies have different norms and values, historical experience, we have diverging interests

where’s the cohesiveness * the way someone attains the…...

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