Unionized Labor in Health Care

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Do research of popular and/or academic articles on the current issues related to unionized labor in an industry of your choice. What impact, if any, does globalization of the economy has on labor relations in this industry?

I chose health care as my industry of choice because it is my major so it is important to know more about current issues in this industry. With all the changes in Obamacare going on it is important to understand the importance of Unions among health care. "Factors driving that surge include the National Labor Relations Board likely approving new rules expediting union elections, and healthcare workers are feeling greater anxiety over wages and job security due to partly market and policy pressures to reduce healthcare costs." ( Joel Carson, 2014). Reducing health care costs will eventually reduce the money of independent organizations and it worries this business by the unionized labor. The globalization of the economy includes obamacare by affecting labor relations of all organizations related to healthcare, including pharmacies, hospitals, medical groups, and insurance companies.

Union labor among healthcare ha many benefits , specially focusing in quality at lower costs. "Although union membership in the U.S. overall has steadily dropped since the 1980s, organized labor has found more success organizing in healthcare. Currently, about 14% of the workers involved in the delivery of healthcare at public and private facilities are unionized, compared with less than 7% of employees in the private sector as a whole." ( Joel Carlson, 2014) Private healthcare try to stay away from Unions due to the cost and loss of profit it provokes.

Unions have too much m ore power to happen today a day, finding people with the same strong beliefs and changes they wanna see. "Besides using new strike techniques during contract negotiations, unions have…...

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