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Organizations today rely on information-sharing processes that are so manually intensive, duplicative, and inefficient that they cannot scale to meet critical computer network defense requirements of speed, agility, relevance, and accuracy. This gap ultimately translates into lost opportunities to avoid serious losses, improve security practices, prevent attacks, and predict threats. The aim of this report is to review the popularity and affordability of Secure Identifications (ID) devices when logging into our work laptops, portable devices, and how staying connected is now easier and safer than ever. Many of us have received an e-mail, either from a web portal we frequent, or from the IT department, telling us that we need to reset our password due to a security breach. In the event of a smash and grab attack that compromises user passwords, having users reset their passwords is one of the first steps in remediation. There’s no question that the old password is now gone, and should most definitely be changed. As employees, we welcome the simplicity of the portable platforms and continue to increase device usage for everything from maintenance, inventory, pay/finance, and professional development learning courses. However, as more personal and sensitive data is available on mobile devices, fraudsters are quickly developing ways to exploit this new platform. A staff survey on the use of Secure Identification on company devices was conducted. The results indicate that the majority of our staff agrees that using a Secure ID for our computer log-in to be more beneficial and secure.

The Use of Secure Identification:
A Review of the Security Virtually everything against which assets require protection involves people. Digital and physical attacks are all created…...

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