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THEORIST ON GRIEF DIES AT 78: DR ELIZABETH KUBLER-ROSS DIES AT 78: [New Orleans Times-Picayune: Aug 26, 2004: The Associated Press]
ELISABETH KUBLER-ROSS DIES AT AGE 78 ON AUGUST 24, 2004: [From Elisabeth Kubler-Ross website: ]:

(Taken from a seminar manuscript "Dying, Death and Grief"
By Chaplain Paul G. Durbin, Ph.D.)
From the Book of Ecclesiastes, the 5th verse of the 9th chapter, we read, "For the living know that they shall die." Life is but a short journey from the cradle to the grave. For some death comes early in life, for others in the middle years and for some it comes with old age. Whatever period of life death occurs, it comes to all. Death is the great equalizer for it comes to the rich and poor, the loved and unloved, the happy and the sad, to the male and female, the good and the bad. In some cases death can be postponed or delayed, but eventually it comes to all. None of us are exempt as we realize that one day, we too must die.
Dying, death and bereavement are fundamental and pervasive aspects of the human experience. We can only achieve fullness of living by understanding and appreciating these realities. The absence of such understanding and appreciation may result in unnecessary suffering, loss of dignity, alienation and diminished quality of living. Though education about dying, death and bereavement should be an essential component of the education process, it has been greatly neglected in both formal and informal education.
During this seminar, I hope that you will be involved as a total person with feelings, emotions and intellect. Through lecture, exercises and discussion our time together can help us better understand dying and death so that we can better face death and therefore make it a little…...

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