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“J. Willard Marriott began his dream in 1927 with a nine stool root beer stand. His goal was to build a successful business and a brand that is guided by strong values.” Marriott International, Inc. (1996 – 2014).
Now almost 90 years later, Marriott is a leading hotel chain operating in 70 countries, with over 4000 properties. Strategic planning, community involvement, responsible business principles, and environmental awareness are the characteristics that have made Marriott successful.
Analyzing our personal and workplace values will help explain how these coincide with our actions and behaviors. This will also help to analyze the alignment between our values in comparison to the values and behaviors of Marriott. Last this process will help show if the values and behaviors of Marriott are expressed in the plans and actions of the organization.
The values learned from my parents are solely responsible for my current personal values; but not completely. Values are absorbed by the core consciousness of a person, and are modified by the physical environment these influences include school, friends, society’s beliefs, but the core remains the same spiritual self. I have been provided with a Christian influence that I thank god for daily.
Through sports I learned team work as well as individual responsibility, while my brother taught me the fun of competition. Over the last three decades I have not observed a difference between my personal and workplace values. I have listed those values that I share with J.W. Marriott. Family, Honesty, Personal development, Ethical practice, and Self-Respect. Marriott Inc. has proven these values can be used successfully in business.
Occasionally different values can conflict, which can create disagreement in the employer’s ethical limitations. One example could be that if an action would help a co-worker but would conflict with…...

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