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In 21st century, there are a lot of different kind of (nutrition)in the whole world.vegatarinism is the one of the most healthy nutritions even it does not look like healthy.although vegatarians never eat meat,chicken or fish, they can be energetic during the day because they take their body’s main needs from legumes,walnut,nuts,fresh fruits and vegetables.Also, a vegatarian diet avoid the cancer, descrease the risk of cardiovascular diseaseasa nd osteoporosis(bone loss,weak bones, melt of bone)
The incidence of diagnosed with cancer is less on vegetarian people in comparison with people who are not vegetarian.The oxidant chemicals which are cause the cancer such as fatty acid are taken into the body by the consumption of meat. Antibiotics and hormones which are given to animals increase the carcinogenic activities of meat that people eat.However,vegetarian people keep theirselves away from these meats,also they take vegetables and fruits and legumes including vitamin E, vitamin C and antioxidant which are help to avoid the cancer.As a result, in a healthy vegetarian diet contains plenty of antioxidants known have an important place to struggle with cancer.
Vegetarians has got an advantageous situation about preventions of the cardiovascular diseases. Vegetarians do not allow saturated fat ,cholesterol, homocysteine coming from animals sources to make entrance to their bodies and that is the main reason they have less risk of have cardiovascular diseaseas.According to Dr. Francesca Crowe from Oxford University,the Coronary vegetarian have 30 percent less risk of Coronary heart disease in comparison with non-vegetarian people.In conclusion, a vegetarian diet is beneficial for cardiovascular…...

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...Vegetarianism is a big topic nowadays. Many people are for it, but some think that it has no point at all. Being a vegetarian, I have a big opinion on this topic. There are many benefits to being a vegetarian. For example, they usually eat healthier, have better medical benefits, and show more compassion towards animals. If you ask me, these are good reasons to become a vegetarian. Have you ever stopped to think about if what you are eating is healthy or not? Well, usually, the meat people eat is extremley unhealthy. Vegetarians who eat their fruits and vegetables consume more vitamin C, vitamin E, phytochemicals, which helps fight off desiese, and many more. Some of the meats, like red meat, have people fooled. Those who eat red meat, have a better chance of getting heart desiese, cancer, and having strokes, but many think that it is healthy for you simply because it has protein. There are numerous things that you do not know about the meats you eat. One thing that scares me about meat, is you never know what was fed to the animal, and exactly what part you are eating.. For example, McDonald's chicken nuggest are a big thing. Do you know how they are made? They completley grind the chicken, then make the nuggets out of the meat and who knows what else. In addition, many slaughter houses feed their animals steroids and antibiotics to make them grow at a faster pace. When we eat those animals, we are eating the medication fed to them. These medications are not......

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