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17 October 2013
Finding a Political Solution to a Moral Dilemma “The most pressing global problems simply won’t be solved without the participation of women.” Verveer opens up the article with this quote as her main claim. Throughout the article she focuses on the need for women to be involved with political issues. Verveer uses many examples and sources to back her claim that promoting the status of women is needed to accomplish global peace and security. The author includes how Barack Obama’s administration has tried to involve women in foreign affairs. She also states that Hilary Clinton’s goal is to advance the status of women all around the world to be unified in all aspects of U.S. foreign policy. Verveer claims the World Economic Forum found an improved economic competitiveness in countries where women and men relish equal rights than those where women have restricted access to education, medical care, or politics. The author claims that the United States past diplomacy and development efforts were directed in a method that was gender neutral centered. She also states that women could be a recovery tool in the climb out of recession. Veerveer explains that women still lack access to capital, credit, and training. Throughout this article she uses claims to addresses the lack of equality, respect, and justice that women endure. In “Why Women Are a Foreign Policy Issue,” Melanne Verveer uses ethical, emotional, and logical appeal to support her claim that the most pressing global problems will not be solved without women’s participation. The author applies her credibility through the use of ethical appeal to prove her correlation with the subject and to build trust in the information. In her introduction she announces herself as the U.S. State Department’s ambassador at large for global women’s issues. This is a…...

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