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NKCES-Regional School Programs Walkthrough Checklist Choose an item. | Choose an item. | Click here to enter a date. | Choose an item. | School/Program | Teacher (Choose One) | Date | Content (Choose One) |

Instruction | Behavior |

Characteristic | Result (Choose One) | Characteristic | Result (Choose One) | Displays Learning Targets in Student Friendly Terms | Choose an item. | Provides positive feedback to students | Choose an item. | Uses Effective Questioning | Choose an item. | Creates a positive learning environment | Choose an item. | Makes Connections to Real Life Situations | Choose an item. | Rules/Expectations/Consequences posted | Choose an item. | Uses formative assessments | Choose an item. | Student coping skills plan accessible/visible | Choose an item. | Uses a variety of instructional strategies | Choose an item. | Student behavior intervention plans accessible | Choose an item. |

Technology | Special Education |

Characteristic | Result (Choose One) | Characteristic | Result (Choose One) | Technology used in planning/delivery of instruction | Choose an item. | Student IEP’s accessible | Choose an item. | Available technology being used as an instructional resource | Choose an item. | Appropriate Specially Designed Instruction being used | Choose an item. | Students engaged/actively using available technology | Choose an item. | Appropriate Accommodations and Modifications implemented | Choose an item. | | | IEP fully implemented | Choose an item. |

Overall Characteristic | Results (Choose One) | Characteristic | Results (Choose One) | # of Students Actively Engaged | Choose an item. | Para Educator Actively Engaged | Choose an item. | Teacher Actively Engaged | Choose an item. | | |

Teacher Activity Activity | Result (Choose One) | Facilitate Discussion | Choose an item. | Hands On…...

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...habeas corpus was solidified into the American Constitution. Thomas Jefferson, during the course of his presidency, spoke of the vital need of habeas corpus. In his initial inaugural address Jefferson said, “I know, short of disbelief, that certain men are in fear that a republican government cannot be resilient; that this government is not strong enough.” In addition, Jefferson said that “our nation was the world’s best hope” for the reason of our strong obligation to democracy, “the strongest government on earth” (Rutherford Institute, n.d.) Jefferson goes on to say that the “prominence of this fundamental belief was established in the sovereignty of being, under the fortification of habeas corpus. These main beliefs guide our footsteps through an era of revolution and restoration” (Rutherford Institute, n.d.). This sheds light on the importance of habeas corpus as viewed by our forefathers at the time when it was established. There are numerous constitutional principal emphasized throughout habeas corpus, the foremost being checks and balances and that the accused are given fair and equal due process. Our forefathers recognized that governments come to be abusive, of the rights of citizens, when there is no authority to check that abuse. The use of habeas corpus is in fact one of the few constitutional rights enshrined in the main body of the Constitution instead of the amendments, and is established in each state constitution as well. Article I, Section 9, of the U.S.......

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...A Walk to Remember The story is not about mental illness, but the mental and emotional state and how it affects families. Several of the emotional responses are happiness, love, sadness, and loss. One question to ask, “What makes more sense, listening to your head or listening to your heart?” A Walk to Remember is about a high school girl (Jamie) who has Leukemia and a boy (Landon) during his last year of high school will end with a walk that he will never forget. It will change his life mentally and emotionally. Jamie’s illness was not known about except by her father and herself. A Walk to Remember shows opposites, Landon and Jamie. Landon is a typical rebellious teenager whose social life is the “in crowd”. He was very popular with his peers in high school, but feels there is something missing in his life. Landon did not care about attending classes or even graduating. He was the handsome jock, although insecure and vulnerable. He was full of anger and hate for his father, who left his mother and himself when he was young. Jamie is a serious and conservative girl who knew right from wrong and what she wants out of life, setting goals for herself. Landon and his friends consider her a nerd. Jamie portrays a bible hugging, science fiction bookworm who wears the same sweater every day. What others feel about her does not matter. One unique thing about Jamie, she is incredibly friendly to everyone. She enjoys helping elders, visiting orphanages, tutor unfortunate......

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...Based on the book by Nicholas Sparks, the romantic drama, A Walk to Remember, stars two main characters, Jamie Sullivan (Many Moore) and Landon Carter (Shane West) who are brought together by fate. Directed by Adam Shankman, this movie tells the story of the school’s bad boy who pulls a prank gone wrong. In order for a boy to enter is gang, he must jump off of an industrial building into a shallow river, ending up in the hospital. This incident results in Landon having to do community service by tutoring and by being involved in the schools spring play which is where he encounters the serious and hardworking preachers daughter, Jamie. Landon can’t seem to get his memorization of the lines quite well and ends up asking Jamie for help, resulting in the beginning of their newfound love together. As time goes on and Landon spends more time with Jamie, he realizes that she is slowly changing him, but for the better. On the other hand, being with the innocent Christian girl of the school threatens his reputation of being the popular bad boy, yet his love for her cannot be stopped and their relationship flourishes. However, one secret that Jamie had kept hidden from Landon puts a bump in the road and is difficult to get around. Will this unraveled secret tear them apart or just make them stronger? A Walk To Remember will forever be a classic in my opinion because of its characters and the overall messages that are portrayed throughout the movie. Jamie Sullivan and Landon Carter......

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...10 GREAT WALKS IN OUR FAVORITE CITIES THERE’S NO BETTER WAY TO EXPLORE A CITY than wandering its streets and alleys, from terracotta-hued palaces, picturesque squares, and baroque architectural showstoppers in Rome, to the modern glass towers, 19th-century limestone man­ ions, and secret, pocket-size parks of s Manhattan. We’ve gathered 10 fabulous walks in our favorite cities in the United States and Europe, so put on your comfy shoes and hit the streets. 1/4 mile W. Wacker Drive S. Water Street Lake Street Clark St. James R. Thompson Center END CLARK River Chicago Union Station The Great Fire of 1871 could have been the death of Chicago, but instead it proved to be a grand rebirth, as renowned architects rebuilt the city’s skyline. Today it’s Chicago’s most aweinspiring attribute. Start with the Willis Tower, a 1,454-foot giant that was the world’s tallest building when completed in 1973. Next, head to South LaSalle St. and the Rookery Building. This 12-story stunner, completed in 1888 ADAMS L Jackson Blvd. JACKSON Monadnock Building L L LIBRARY Van Buren Street LASALLE 224 S. Michigan Ave. Auditorium Theatre LaSalle St. Station Harrison St. in 1889 that still hosts performances. Double back to Jackson and Dearborn to see the geometric, 4.6-acre Federal Center, completed in the early 1970s by Mies van der Rohe. Don’t miss the graceful slopes of Chase Tower, built in 1969 as the......

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...A Walk Through Time The significant moments in time collectively make up our nations history. In that history we see change, growth and experience loss. These events make us the people, that make up the country that love and contribute to. I chose five events in time that brought about a tremendous change across the world, and making life as we know it today, a walk in the park. MONTGOMERY BUS BOYCOTT Montgomery Alabama, 1955 and 1956 was an extremely volatile time for African-Americans and Whites, but the events of that year made history and changed the way of life for every Montgomery resident. The Montgomery Bus Boycott was a peaceful protest that lasted one year. Its main goal was to put an end to racially segregated seating on buses, but by the end it accomplished much more (Toonari). A Walk on the wild side Prior to the Supreme Court 1956 decision, African-Americans were forced to ride at the back of the bus. They suffered ridicule and racial slures at the hands of the bus drivers and the White passengers. In the early 1950’s two teenagers, Claudette Colvin and Mary Louise Smith were both arrested for refusing to give their seats to white passengers (Allen, R. 2000). Although this created some tension within the African-American community it tool the arrest of Rosa Parks, a former NAACP secretary who refused to give up her seat on the bus, on December 1, 1955 to set the wheels in motion for what would...

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