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Examining WalMart for Lessons in Managing Diversity
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Introduction The purpose of this paper is to analyze how WalMart, the world’s largest employer is managing diversity. In the case study, WalMart is facing a class action lawsuit from a former female employee who feels she was the victim of gender discrimination. WalMart however, has received many accolades for it’s diverse workplace and internal growth opportunities. From reading and evaluating this case I intend to learn management theories and practices in building a diverse workplace. Why it’s important to have diversity in leadership and how to integrate a collaborative workplace.
WalMart has been the focus of many lawsuits in the past ranging from discrimination to its most recent suit regarding minimum wage. Yet according to Daft (2012) “The retailers 1.4 million U.S. hourly associates earn $11.75 per hour on average. (p. 384). So there is obviously a vast discrepancy about who is benefiting on the high end of these wages. The Supreme Court has since dismissed the class action lawsuit of Dukes v. WalMart. The case was the largest sex discrimination lawsuit in history representing 1.6 million female employees. However, the court did not decide on whether or not discrimination took place. WalMart has also been sued for religious discrimination and agreed to pay an employee $70,000 for being fired because he observed the Sabbath. Based on these lawsuits my observation is that WalMart needs to get more serious about implementing and maintaining a diversity plan that can be followed by all managers in all stores. The company is large but that’s no reason for diversity to suffer. In fact, they have more resources than most with a veritable melting pot of employees to confer with regarding what type of efforts can be made to bring people together for the good of…...

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