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Importance of Communication

In the mid-1960s, Bowman reported that senior U.S. business executives rated “ability to communicate” as a positive factor for getting promoted (Bowman, 1964). With that being said I believe that communication skills are important to organizational success, in addition to being a “eye catcher” for recruiters. Knowing from working in the corporate environment communication is the key. Poor communication skills could have a domino effect leading to unhappy employees, unsatisfied customers, missed deadlines and ultimately unhappy management.
For example - the company I’m employed with works for larger Pharmaceutical companies to collect data, recruit investigative sites, and complete regulatory documents. The Pharma provides verbal and written communication regarding their expectation to team managers who than relay the information to team lead(s), which then gets trickled down to the team. Now, if the communication is delayed (knowing that there is a specific deadline), or if the communications/requirements are not well explained to the team and a deadline is missed or the work is not done correctly, this could generate unhappy customers (the Pharmaceutical company). Having an unhappy sponsor (Pharma) could mean re-work, less or no future business for the company.
In closing, many employers are highly interested in personal that possess great communication skills. Having great communication skills is a great focal point for recruiters to ensure they are hiring candidates that can perform all necessary tasks and communicate in numerous environments. I believe that written and verbal communication skills are valuable assets for everyone and can go a long way. Not just in your work environment, but in school, home, and relationships – everyday…...

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