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Week 4: Assignment – Initial Meeting with Project Team
INF338: Leadership & Comm Skills for Project Managers (CMM1408A)


Week 4: Assignment – Initial Meeting with Project Team
When faced with the challenge of performing specific tasks or duties during the length of a project, the first meeting between team members should be well-structured and require disciplined transitions and clear communication. All expectations should be acknowledged and understood and all responsibilities should be assigned. Smith & Imbrie quote (Lewis, 1996) by stating “although meetings are a principle way of keeping up-to-date, they are also one of the banes of project managers and many others”. (Imbrie & Smith, 2007) Some have complained that meetings have no real purpose, people can be unprepared and key people or stakeholders are absent or simply not a part of the meeting.
For my final project, I will be writing about a typical pipeline construction project. I will specifically write about a pipeline project that consists of 96 miles of pipe that is being constructed from College Station, Texas down through Houston, Texas with an end goal of completing the project within a year’s time. The main stakeholder involved within the project will be known as XYZ Pipeline. My company, ZZZ Pipeline is the general contractor on the project and will be heading all aspects of the construction and production process within the project. Those involved within the majority of the project team will consist of the head project manager, the junior project manager, superintendent, HSE manager, administrative and human resources specialist, inspection and one call notification specialist.
For the project I am currently working on, a good kick-off meeting is require in order for the project to begin and run smoothly. As the project manager, planning…...

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