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Psychological Disorders

Etiology of Psychological Disorders

Describe the following perspectives on the etiology of psychological disorders:

Perspective Description of Perspective
Biological Perspective The Biological Perspective seeks to determine the psychological aspects of human behavior looking at evidence from genetic and neurological studies as well as studies of the immune system.
Learning Perspective Learning Perspective explores how we learn from all of our experiences. This perspective often studied the differences between the methods of learning, like observational and latent, and how everyone has different styles of learning.
Cognitive Factors Cognitive Perspective focuses on mental faculties such as thinking, memory, problem solving and use of language and other forms of communication. This perspective also explores the causes of many mental illnesses as they affect these specific mental capabilities.
Diathesis-Stress Model A psychological theory that attempts to explain behavior as a predispositional vulnerability together with stress from life experiences.
Personality Factors personality trait is a characteristic or quality that distinguishes one person as distinctive. Five major personality traits are openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.
Social-Cognitive Perspective Sociocultural Perspective explores social norms and customs. Group behavior, social relationships and the concept of helping are often studied under this perspective.
Psychological Factors Psychological factors are events of or relating to or determined by psychology. Psychology is the scientific study of mental functions and behaviors. These functions include perception, cognition, attention, behavior, interpersonal relationships emotion, motivation, brain functioning, and personality.…...

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