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Since the Western Trucking Mini-case question on page 264 does not say how congested the network is, I will assume that the entire network will be upgraded to include the switches, and routers. The network is already running at 10baseT so I will also assume that the cabling is Cat5e that can handle 1 Gbps and I will not be upgrading the cable drops. Due to the offices and the personnel in the offices, I will create VLAN’s for several of the operating units. I will create the following VLAN’s:
VLAN 1 (Accounting): Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Sales and Marketing, Payroll
VLAN 2 (Administration): Human Resources, Customer Service, President, Security, Mail room
VLAN 3: (Operations) Agent Operations, Intrastate Operations, Interstate Operations
VLAN 4 (Vehicle Management): Fleet Maintenance, Dispatch
VLAN 5 (Information Technology): Information services, Data Processing, conference room
I would purchase Layer 3 VLAN switches and a Router. Each VLAN would be connected to each other VLAN switch and the router using 1Gbps backbone circuits. The router would be responsible for Internet traffic and the VLAN switches would be responsible for managing the traffic within the VLAN and between VLAN’s. The connections to the individual hosts would be primarily with 100Mbps connections (NIC’s). Any servers (mail, database, application, etc.) would be connected using 1Gbps connections. The network would run on Ethernet with TCP/IP as the primary data protocol. The second assigned problem, exercise 9-1 on page 330 asks for a description of the current network structure of Abilene network, vBNS network, and the CA*net network. The Abilene and CA*net are very high speed networks. Abilene is operated in the United States and CA*net is operated in Canada. The two networks are connected. The Abilene network is also known as Internet2. All the major circuits are…...

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