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Michael Jackson is a well known American pop performer, that was influential when it came to his music and loved when it came to his caring persona. Through his career he had sold seven-hundred and fifty million records worldwide and also released thirteen number one singles while being one out of only a few artists who were inducted twice into the Rock and Roll hall of fame (michaelJackson.com). Michael, known as the “King of Pop” cut his music career short because of his unexpected death. He had passed away on June 25, 2009. Being only fifty years old when he died left everyone in shock. His cause of death is questionable yet an autopsy says that drugs were involved.
The world of music has lost an amazing artist, but was lucky enough to keep his influential songs afloat even after he was gone. One song that the “King of Pop” has left us with was one of the biggest radio hits of the 1900’s, Black or White (news.bbc.co.uk). This very opinionated song starts off with a fast up-tempo beat, which is used to catch a listener's attention. Instruments such as an electric bass, guitar, drums and a keyboard chime in to create a positive vibe people should feel when listening to the song. Throughout the whole song the beat is catchy and is one of those song where you feel like you have to get up and dance. With an amazing beat and an even better voice singing the lyrics, it makes it hard for listeners to pay attention to the message behind the song.
The Song is called “Black or White” for a very good reason. The title explains exactly what the song is about, which is black and white people. Although, it’s not about being black or white per say, it’s about being any race you can possibly think of and being a different color from the person besides you. This song skims over a problem that all ethnicities face and are still facing, racism. His lyrics describe his opinion on…...

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