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Why should I move onto ESL 273

It is often said that it is the first step that is troublesome. I admit that I had many troubles at the beginning of this course. However, everything had changed. I am not longer a girl who doesn’t even know how to write a coherent and logical essay; I am a girl who can organize my essay sufficiently and express the central idea of my essay clearly. My organization of the essay used to be weak, but I was never willing to give up. After writing and practicing several essays, I feel that I had made great progress in the writing. For instance, I am able to use transitional sentences in my essays so that they will be more organized. Also, I had learned how to arrange my essay in order to make each of the paragraphs to be connected. On the other hand, I see the organization as the most important part of the writing. People may misunderstand my ideas that I want to show them because my organization is messy. Therefore, I spend time to reading and learning how to organize the essays.As a result, I am able to separate my essay orderly. Since I could dominate these basic writing skills, I have been confident to take next challenge course.

Grammar, is the weakest part of my writing, cause I to lose points for essay. To be honest, I felt very uncomfortable and nervous when I was writing. Although I wrote some simple sentences, I still made many mistakes. For example, I always forgot to add “s” after a verb for the third person. I used to read some grammar books, but I could not use them in my essays properly. Sometimes I ask my friend or go to tutoring center for revising my grammar of the essay.If I write an essay, I will use tons of time to check my grammar for sure.On the other hand, I frequently use simple sentence in my essays, which cause my essays to make nonsense.As a college student, I should be able to write complex and compound…...

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