Why Is Strategy Important to Business?

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Michelle Johnson
MT460: Management Policy and Strategy
Unit 2 Project: Why is strategy important to business?
Kaplan University
August 16, 2011

Strategy is important in business because it gets all the things that you want to do, so you'll be able to go through them quickly and productively. This will also help your competition doubt their own strategy. One example that I have heard of is think of a football game without strategy. Who will know what they need to do if you don't have some type of organization of the system you are trying to run. It is also important to a business to have some type of base plan for any business that effects its revenue, expenses and profits. It provides a long term direction to the organization and it helps the organization achieve a competitive advantage. It will also tell about the business in the market, values and the way that they may handle resources in order to meet the objectives of the company as a whole. One of the main things that it helps to do is helps to analyze the internal and external environment.
Something to remember is that without strategy the company would be pretty much shooting in the dark. Would something work ? This would be a continuing question without some type of direction. It allows the business leaders to weigh the pros and cons of different decisions in order to get to the proper way to go. Taking into mind the most cost effective process that will be needed.
Strategic management is defined as the set of decisions and actions that result in the formulation and implementation of plans designed to achieve a company’s objectives. It comprises nine critical tasks:
1. Formulate the company’s mission, including broad statements about its purpose, philosophy, and goals.
2. Conduct an analysis that reflects the company’s internal conditions and capabilities.
3. Assess the company’s external…...

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