With Reference to Appropriate Scholarship, Discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of the News Service Provided to the Uk Population by the Free-Market Sun Newspaper and the Public Service Bbc.

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With reference to appropriate scholarship, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the news service provided to the UK population by the free-market Sun newspaper and the public service BBC.

This essay is going to discuss what a free-market is, what a tabloid is, how the Sun newspaper operates, what is a public service, how the BBC operates and it will compare the advantages and disadvantages of the Sun and the BBC.
A free market is a market without economic invention and regulation by government except to enforce ownership and contacts. It is the opposite of a controlled market, where the government regulates how the means of production, goods, services and labor are used, priced, or distributed. When established, the press was organized as a ‘free market’ system, in a private ownership. The theory was that this would be best for democracy and society, a “Free marketplace of ideas”. Anyone can start a newspaper. The market empowers the consumer and fosters freedom. Nowadays, only a small part of the press is concerned with public affairs. 80% of the papers are tabloids, less than 20% of the content of the popular press is “public information”.
According to the dictionary a tabloid is a newspaper with pages about half the size of a standard (broadsheet) newspaper. However, in more recent years the word tabloid has become synonymous with words like gossip, scandal and ‘exclusive’. By circulation The Sun is the tenth biggest newspaper in any language in the world. The total daily readership is approximately 7,700,000 (ABC) which makes this newspaper the most successful British tabloid.
Tabloids need to be popular to survive - 80% of their income is from sales. They rarely contain serious or factual journalism: Sex, celebs and sport are deemed more newsworthy. Their focus is on sex, not news. This ‘populist’ agenda supports causes because they might be…...

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