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Hindus believe that the world was created by Brahma, a servant of their god Vishnu. According to the stories, Vishnu created grass, flowers, trees and plants of all kinds. He then created animals, birds and the many fish that swim in the sea. The ability to hear, touch, smell and other senses were then given to the creatures, as well.

Death to the Hindu’s is a sequence of change you go through. Once you pass, your soul leaves your body. They believe in reincarnation or rebirth. This means your soul leaves the dead body and enters a new one. This can happen many times to one soul. It happens until you come to ultimate peace and then your soul will be liberated.

Karma has a lot to do with this. “What comes around, goes around” is how the saying goes and in Hinduism, this is an actual belief. If your Karma is good, you will come to your ultimate end sooner than someone with bad Karma would. With bad Karma, it may take you many rebirths until you change your ways. That is the only way to become truly liberated.

In Hinduism, the world is cyclically created and destroyed. The Rig-Veda questions the creation of the world. Asking questions like: “Who created this world?” “Why did they create it this way?” “Why can’t we see the creator?”

It is believed that the universe will be created, destroyed and then created again. In Hinduism cosmology the universe is said to last for 4,320,000 years and then will be destroyed

by either fire or water. Once the universe is destroyed, the Brahma will rest for an entire day. Once he is rested, he will then begin the process of recreation.

The Dharma is what keeps the Hindu’s morals and values in check. The Dharma isn’t only a religious text, but a law of the way things should be and the way you should live your life. It helps maintain the balance in the religion and with the people. Because Hinduism has a…...

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