Writing an Essay: the College Way

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Writing an Essay: The College Way
One of the many tasks expected of college students is to know how to write well organized and developed essays. Writing an essay is not simply going about a certain topic. There are particular rules a student must apply when writing in order to submit an acceptable essay, which if they are not met, the student may face strict consequences that could even lead to expulsion. Students will learn the different techniques of writing a professional essay, like the differences between quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing. In an essay, the student must use the correct types of citation required and know the importance of citing sources properly and the consequences of citing improperly.
Many of the courses at the college level require students to write an essay at one point or another. In the process of writing these essays, students will often use quotations to reinforce the argument or position presented in the essay. Quotations must be worded exactly as extracted from its source, and credit must always be given where it’s due. However, sometimes students may use paraphrasing as another way to support an idea. Paraphrasing is basically taking the information from a chosen source and expressing it in one’s own words instead of just repeating it word by word. On another note, summarizing will also be used whilst writing an essay. Instead of including an entire article to back up one’s position, a student can summarize that article by stating the most essential ideas portrayed in a concise manner. It is also a way to go over all the important ideas discussed in the student’s essay and come up with a clear and broad conclusion in order for the reader to grasp the most essential message from the essay.
Quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing require different types of citations. For paraphrasing and summarizing, one must only cite the…...

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