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Download from Yahoo!
Update 2014/05/18: Yahoo! has switch to a new design for their movie pages. The underlying download mechanism hasn’t changed. Once you find the content_id (sometimes called the media_id), you’ll just need to follow the instructions below. I’ll try and find sometime later this week to update this tutorial. Update 2013/04/06: Finally found time to explain how to download using their new system. Do be warned though, the instructions can get rather complicated and is not for the weak-minded. Update 2012/12/23: Yahoo! has once again changed their API and the way to get the direct download URL this time is a lot more complicated. Hopefully I will find some time to update this tutorial shortly. Update 2012/01/21: Yahoo! has revamped their site and I’ve generated a quick tutorial on how to download HD trailers using their new site. The instructions are a bit rough, so if you need clarification, please feel free to ask in the comments area. This tutorial was meant to teach you how to download HD Trailers from Yahoo! Movies.

Where to find the trailers:
Yahoo! no longer has a dedicated page for HD trailers and they don’t easily distinguish which videos have HD and which don’t. You can visit their movie trailers page or find the movie you want and click on the Trailers tab.

What to do once you’ve picked a trailer:
Once you’ve picked a trailer, you’ll have to make sure you have a ‘video’ URL and not a ‘trailers’ URL. For example, the latest Carrie trailer can be found either on OR You’ll want to make sure your URL looks like the latter by replacing movie/carrie-2013/trailers with video. Update 2013/04/15: It has come to my attention that URLs that have ymovies-6393699 will not work with these instructions.…...

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...Yahoo.... 1.      “Managers at all levels and in all functions should analyze the organizational environment periodically and identify sources of uncertainty.” (Managerial Implications, p. 73) How effective do you think Yahoo’s managers at all levels are at analyzing the environment? 2.      “To manage transactions with the organizational environment effectively, managers should chart the forces in the organization’s specific and general environments, noting (a) the number of forces that will affect the organization, (b) the pattern of interconnectedness or linkages between these forces, (c) how rapidly these forces change, and (d) the extent and nature of competition, which affects how rich or poor the environment is.” (Managerial Implications, p. 73) Conduct a specific analysis of Yahoo’s environment, identifying each of the 4 factors listed above. 3.      “Taking that analysis, managers should plan how to deal with contingencies. Designing inter-organizational strategies to control and secure access to scarce and valuable resources in the environment in which they operate is the first state in this process” (Managerial Implications, p. 73) 4.      How is Resource Dependence Theory illustrated in Yahoo’s relations with its environment? 5.      Illustrate the concepts of symbiotic and competitive interdependence, using Yahoo’s case history. Did Yahoo effectively manage its interdepencies? 6.      As a consumer, how would you rate Yahoo against its major competitor......

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