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Organizational Structure
Employee Benefits
The Zappos Family offers a preferred provider organization (PPO) medical plan, large provider network, and no money out-of-pocket for certain medical expenses! Some highlights of the plan are listed below: • No deductible for in-network utilization. • All eligible primary, routine, and preventative care covered at 100 percent.
Delta Dental PPO
Our dental plan covers 2 free exams per year and 3 free cleanings. You will have a $2000 plan maximum per year to cover basic and major services. We also provide an adult orthodontia benefit.
Superior Vision
We offer two types of vision plans: a base plan and a buy-up plan. The base vision plan provides you with everything you need to keep your eyes healthy! The buy-up plan is intended for eyeglass/contact lens lovers because it has an increased allowable for just a few dollars more per paycheck.
Life Insurance
The Zappos Family offers life insurance and accident insurance. For both plans, your benefit is 1x your annual salary.
• On-site Fitness Center, open 24/7 with cardio equipment, weight machines and free weights. • Regular on-site wellness calendar featuring fitness classes, financial awareness classes, and nutritional/general health classes several times per month. • Endurance Event Reimbursement Program - 100 percent reimbursement of entry fee into eligible endurance events. • Company sponsored fitness challenges.
• On-site Weight Watchers sessions with reimbursement. • Healthy food options in the on-site cafe and break areas. • Free salads, sandwiches, soup, fruit, beverages, ice cream, cereals, and more.
Lifestyle Programs • Free smoking cessation classes (available telephonically and on-site). • Healthy babies program. • Biometric screenings with…...

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...Strayer University Brickell, FL Campus Assignment for Course: | ZAPPO Corporate Culture | Submitted to: | Dr. Eleanor Marschke | | | | | Date of Submission: 10/23/13 | Maria L Delgado | SU200046104 | | 1900 N. Bayshore Drive #2007 Miami, Fl 33132 | 786-333-8222 | | Title of Assignment: | | CERTIFICATION OF AUTHORSHIP: I certify that I am the author of this paper and that any assistance I received in its preparation is fully acknowledged and disclosed in this paper. I have also cited any sources from which I used data, ideas or words, either quoted directly or paraphrased. I have added quotes whenever I used more than three consecutive words from another writer. I also certify that this paper was prepared by me specifically for this course. ------------------------------------------------- Student’s Signature: ______________________________ ------------------------------------------------- Instructor’s Grade on Assignment: Instructor’s Comments: Zappos Organization description Zappos can be described as an unconventional organization for its nature of being one of the most transformational business success stories of our time. It is an internet company that began by offering shoes online and went from virtually no sales to $1 billion in annual gross merchandise sales over a 10 year period, despite minimal advertising. Company......

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...but also to show the outside world what he has built. Talk to Hsieh for five minutes, and he will inevitably try to get your address so he can mail you a copy. The book is painfully earnest and yet affecting nonetheless. There are all the clichés one might expect -- acronyms, ridiculous overstatement (one call center rep compared Zappos to China's Ming Dynasty), and a fondness for the word Zapponians. It often goes way over the top. "Could you imagine if Zappos was more than an online retailer, or the job that pays the bills, but actually became a way of life?" wrote Donavon Roberson, a pastor who left the ministry before joining Zappos. Most Zappos employees are familiar with all this history. In fact, despite all the research I did before heading to Las Vegas, I didn't know that Nike had spurned Zappos until I sat in on a two-hour Zappos history class -- part of a four-week course on the subject -- and watched as employees called out various milestones: 2002, $32 million in gross sales! 2006, the year the company recorded its first $3 million day! 2007, the year Nike joined Zappos! This mastery isn't accidental. It's required. All new Zappos employees receive two weeks of classroom training. Then they spend two weeks learning how to answer customer calls. At the conclusion of the program, trainees are famously offered $2,000, plus time worked, to quit. The practice, Hsieh's idea, began in 2005, with a $100 offer. "Our training team had gotten good at figuring out who......

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...Son site d'e-commerce, Zappos, numéro un mondial des ventes de chaussures en ligne, basé à Las Vegas, réalise 1 milliard de dollars de ventes par an. Avec des chaussures mais aussi des vêtements, des sacs, des accessoires... Diplômé de Harvard, Tony Hsieh est un passionné de culture client et de... poker ! Ce petit génie américain du business a revendu sa première société, LinkExchange, à Microsoft à l'âge de 24 ans pour 265 millions de dollars ! En 2005, il investit à titre personnel dans Zappos et en devient manager. Quatre ans plus tard, Amazon rachète Zappos pour la coquette somme de 1,2 milliard de dollars. Tony Hsieh (prononcez Shay) en reste le président. Au Top 100 des entreprises où il fait bon travailler Zappos est régulièrement classée dans le Top 100 des meilleures entreprises où il fait bon travailler. Si le bonheur de ses collaborateurs lui tient tant à coeur, c'est qu'il fait sa fortune ! Il y a quelques mois, il a publié un livre de management, Delivering Happiness (éd. Business Plus), pour raconter comment Zappos a su conjuguer profits et bonheur des clients et des salariés. Un best-seller pendant six mois sur les listes du New York Times ou du Wall Street Journal et un exemple de la singularitéde Zappos. La société est l'un des rares sites d'e-commerce au monde dont le centre d'appel basé aux Etats-Unis, "trop important pour être expédié en Inde", ne "flique" pas ses salariés. "Chez Zappos, écrit Tony Hsieh, nous disons que nous délivrons du......

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