An Analysis Of Emerging China'S Economy

  • Emerging Market Mutual Fund Performance and the State of the Economy

    Emerging Market Mutual Fund Performance and the State of the Economy∗ Ayelen Banegas November 2010 Abstract Following the financial liberalization of many Asian, European, and Latin American countries emerging markets have become a central player in the global economy. As a result the universe of equity funds investing in these developing economies has been in continuous expansion. In this paper we propose a set of asset class specific predictive variables for emerging markets and exploit

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  • Discuss How and Why China’s Relations with the World Economy Change After 1993?

    Discuss how and why China’s relations with the world economy change after 1993? The economic reforms of China, called “open doors policy” starting in 1978 with Deng Xiaoping –the leader of the Communist Party of China (CPC) - marked the beginning of a new era where China initiated to open its economy to the world. (Nolan, 2005) In 1992, during his Southern tour, Deng Xiaoping introduced the term of “Socialist Market economy” to describe Chinese economy and in 1993 the term was added to the Constitution

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  • Case Analysis Report (Engineering Economy)

    gMAPUA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Department of IE-SEM CASE ANALYSIS REPORT Engineering Economy QUIZ NO. 5 Basic Methods for Making Economic Studies Submitted by: Aniag, Ed Christopher Cari, Carl Nicolas C. Hernandez, Edline Joy M. Ortega, Alyssa Georgia B. Section: CI September 24, 2012 I. OVERVIEW OF THE CASE The city of Peachtree is comparing two plans for supplying water to a newly developed subdivision. Below are the proposed plans for the subdivision: PLAN A Initial Cost Subsequent

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  • Emerging Economies

    UNIVERSIDAD METROPOLITANA CÁTEDRA: MACROECONOMÍA II LA BALANZA DE PAGOS Y LAS CONDICIONES PARTICULARES DE LA VENEZOLANA Caracas 22 de junio de 2009 En la mayoría de los casos, las condiciones económicas de una nación dependen mucho de lo que esté sucediendo con la economía mundial. Ésta se plasma en el Comercio Internacional, la Producción Global y las Finanzas Internacionales. A pesar que todas estas fuerzas atan sus economías con una economía mundial, el resultado no es siempre uniforme

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  • Marketing in Emerging Market Economies: Why There Is a Need to Reformulate Marketing Tactics Used in Emerging Markets.

    Marketing in Emerging Market Economies: Why there is a need to reformulate marketing tactics used in emerging markets. Emerging Markets – An overview Emerging market economies are those economies which exhibit high growth and investment potential. Emerging economies are generally found in East and South Asia, Eastern Europe, South Africa, Latin America and Middle East. These economies are characterized by improving standard of living, other than that they have large growing middle class population

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  • Swot Analysis of Indian Economy

    share of the service sector into sub-sector in india show that High percentage of cultivable land 
 Diversified nature of the economy 
 Huge English speaking population, availability of skilled manpower 
 Stable economy, does not get affected by external changes 
 Extensive higher education system, third largest reservoir of engineers 
 High growth rate of economy 
 Rapid growth of IT and BPO sector bringing valuable foreign exchange 
 Abundance of natural resources 
 Very high

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  • Emerging Theories Analysis: Servant Leadership

    Emerging Leadership Theories Analysis: Servant Leadership I sometimes wonder whether Robert Greenleaf, originator of the term “servant leadership” had any idea of the extent of the impact that his seemingly oxymoronic concept would have decades after he introduced it. He was the first to recognize it as a managerial model of leadership, where the highest priority needs of the follower are being served by the servant who is the leader (Greenleaf Center, 2008). This theory is one that is exemplified

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  • Economy Industry and Company Analysis Fmcg

    EIC ANALYSIS - ITC Submitted By Nisha ECONOMY  India GDP growth rate 2012 was 5%, 2013 is 5.8% and it is expected to grow at 6.5% in 2013     Inflation :WPI-7.6% and CPI-10% Gross fiscal deficit 5.1 Revenue Deficit-3.5 Third largest economy in terms of Purchasing Power Parity Sector wise Contribution to GDP I) Agriculture 17% II) Industry 18% III) Services 65% FMCG INDUSTRY  Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) goods are popularly named as consumer packaged goods

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  • China's Ecological Environment

    China’s Ecological Environment People, businesses and governments are starting to understand the reality of globalisation, and how it is affecting their environment. The implications from industrialisations which results in over exhausting natural resources, has caused environmental degradation, and most of this is done by human activity especially international business activities. This essay will look at the impact of economic globalisation on China while focusing on China’s ecological environment

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  • Wto and Emerging Economies

    negotiate their way to the top (Narlikar, 2010). This analysis seeks to answer the following question: will rising powers integrate into today’s world trade order? This analysis will begin by discussing how the emergence of the developing world within the WTO has affected the institution, followed by a discussion on the resistance shown by developed nations in welcoming emerging economies into the international arena. The emergence of developing economies has had positive and negative impacts on the effectiveness

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  • Ethics of Offshoring: Novo Nordisk and Clinical Trials in Emerging Economies

    Ethics of Offshoring: Novo Nordisk and Clinical Trials In Emerging Economies Offshoring is a highly debatable topic throughout the country and the world. Many people base their opinions on different aspects of offshoring. Some people are against offshoring because they feel as if the working conditions in other countries aren’t up to par and are unethical. Some people are against offshoring because they feel it is taking jobs away from people within their own country. Some people are for offshoring

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  • A Study on the Growth of Emerging Economies and Their National Income Distribution

    last decade has presented a new global economic scenario lead by emerging markets. BRICS countries (comprised by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have been at the forefront in this phenomenon. During these years, the real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of the world (annual percent change - A% c) averages 3,83. It is worth mentioning that the above referenced countries reached 6,01 (157,02% more); and Advanced Economies - not yet recovered since the last financial crisis - reached

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  • China’s Transportation System

    China’s transportation system is rapidly expanding to support economic growth, meet projected global intermodal freight demands, and promote expansion into underdeveloped regions of the country. Given the current understanding of intermodal freight movement that was not available when the United States developed its port capacity, the purpose of this scan was to identify how China provides intermodal access to its new, greenfield maritime ports and the possible application of those methods in the

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  • Factor Endowment Analysis of an Emerging Industry of Bangladesh

    need not become equal, but relative factors will. Whichever factor receives the lowest price before two countries integrate economically and effectively become one market will therefore tend to become more expensive relative to other factors in the economy, while those with the highest price will tend to become cheaper. An often-cited example of factor price equalization is wages. When two countries enter a free trade agreement, wages for identical jobs in both countries tend to approach each other

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  • Energy Supply, Its Demand and Security Issues for Developed and Emerging Economies

    Energy supply, its demand and security issues for developed and emerging economies M. Asif, T. Muneer We require energy to charge our mobile phones, to cook our food and even for our daily commute. In essence, energy is the key to survival. With the world population steadily increasing, it is imperative that new sources of energy would have to be found to replace fossil fuels – the dominating energy resource over the course of human history. In fact, it isn’t just searching for sources that

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  • Social Security and Emerging Economies

    Introduction As emerging economies experience growth, they are encountering new challenges in making economic development equitable and sustainable. Increasingly, bringing all parts of society up to minimum standards of living is becoming an issue of social responsibility and political requirement in emerging economies through social security programs. However, emerging economies are facing many constraints in implementing widespread social security programs to affect equality, poverty alleviation

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  • Analysis of the Korean Economy

    Introduction South Korea’s history, strategic location, and political relations in the past and today, have created an economy which is one of the strongest in Southeast Asia. “According to the World Bank, in the last 30 years, South Korea’s economy is one of the most outstanding success stories in international development.” (Globaled, p.1). Dating from the Japanese occupation of South Korea , from 1910 thru 1946, then the division of the peninsula enforced by the United States of America

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  • Green Barrier to China's Export

    Introduction As the world economy moves towards globalization, China has become more open to trade with other countries. Its international trade volume had risen from US$20.6 in 1978 to US$1,422 billion in 2005 (Wang & Liu, 2007). Since China’s exports mainly focus on the labor intensive and resource intensive industries, this exports pattern causes a serious environmental problem in China. Green barriers become a kind of emerging non-tariff barrier which is used for the developed countries to protect

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  • An Analysis of China’s Industrial Policy Including Conceptual Frameworks and Its Differences with Other East Asian Countries

    An analysis of China’s industrial policy including conceptual frameworks and its differences with other East Asian countries Executive Summary: one of the Key debates in the developmental literature is the role of government intervention in East Asia. China has generated huge growth rates over recent decades hence this report analyses the industrial policies they used extensively from a historical perspective to how they developed. A comparison will then be made with the industrial policies of

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  • Emerging Leadership Theories Analysis Paper

    Emerging Leadership Theories Analysis Paper Grand Canyon University LDR-600 09/16/14 There are countless great leaders that have led an excess of persons or corporations to prominence. I aspire as women in our immense nation I would like become a great female leader while bringing countless to success. I would like to make the most of my understanding and know-how to gather this purpose and prepare and educate other women on how to get the same achievements so that history can be written

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  • Emerging Economies

    Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies: Where Are We Today and Where Should the Research Go in the Future Garry D. Bruton David Ahlstrom Krzysztof Obloj Emerging economies are characterized by an increasing market orientation and an expanding economic foundation. The success of many of these economies is such that they are rapidly becoming major economic forces in the world. Entrepreneurship plays a key role in this economic development. Yet to date, little is known about entrepreneurship in emerging economies

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  • China’s Exchange Rate Regime and Its Effects on the U.S. Economy

    China’s Exchange Rate Regime and its Effects on the U.S. Economy John B. Taylor Under Secretary of Treasury for International Affairs Testimony before the Subcommittee on Domestic and International Monetary Policy, Trade, and Technology House Committee on Financial Services October 1, 2003 Chairman King, Ranking Member Maloney, Members of the Subcommittee, thank you for giving me the opportunity to testify on China’s exchange rate regime and its effects on the U.S. economy. This

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  • Emerging Market Economy: Mexico

    Emerging Market Economy: Mexico Introduction The success of any business will be greatly determined by the environment in which the operations are carried out. The legal, political and economic conditions of a given country are some of these determining factors, especially for emerging markets (Lassar, Haar, Montalvo and Hulser 135). Consequently, the management of any multinational corporation that intends to expand its operations into a given country must have an understanding of the economic

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  • Business Development in Emerging Economies

    Ibrahim Masmoum Business Development in Emerging Economies 11 April 2014 A) In your opinion – What is the future of Emerging Economies? It seems almost impossible to deny that the emerging economies have a big future. In the last two decades, many developing countries have experienced economic growth and have come over many challenges such as social, political and technological. The economic growth is changing the outlook of those emerging markets. The future of developing countries

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  • “What Is the Relationship Between Diversification and Performance, Particularly in Emerging Economies? What Are the Factors Which Are Relevant for Setting the Contents of That Relationship?”

    “WHAT  IS  THE  RELATIONSHIP  BETWEEN  DIVERSIFICATION   AND PERFORMANCE, PARTICULARLY IN EMERGING ECONOMIES? WHAT ARE THE FACTORS WHICH ARE RELEVANT FOR SETTING THE CONTENTS OF THAT RELATIONSHIP?” By João de Almeida Frazão Caro de Sousa Master Thesis Submitted to ESADE Business School in fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in International Management ESADE Business School May 2012 Master of Science in International Management – ESADE Business School

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  • Australian Economy Analysis

    Analysis of the Economy Export, Import and Production In recent years, Australia has been a net exporter of goods and net importers of services (See appendix 1). The country, rich in natural resources, is a major exporter of commodities. Iron-ore and gold account for 28% of total commodities exports (81 Billion US$ in 2013). Coal represent 18% or 38 Billion US$ and oil and gas for 9 percent. Manufactured goods constitute 33 percent of the total exports with food and metal products and machinery

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  • Emerging Economies

    superiority. This is seen particularly in the emerging economies who are the game-changers this century. Joint efforts of all countries towards strengthening the global economy,as well as increasing efforts in business oriented policies and eradication of trade barriers has resulted in the urbanisation of these markets. Another important aspect being the economic hit taken by the developed countries which has made brands shift their focus on the emerging countries market. (BBC News,2013) It is one

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  • Comparative Analysis of Economies

    Khan 4650578 | TBS905 ------------------------------------------------- A Comparative Analysis of UAE and France Economies Submitted to: DR. Asima Shiraz Usama Rehan Khan 4650578 | TBS905 ------------------------------------------------- A Comparative Analysis of UAE and France Economies Submitted to: DR. Asima Shiraz Contents Abstract 2 Introduction to UAE Economy 2 Introduction to French Economy 2 GDP (Gross Domestic Product) 3 Components of GDP 4 Consumption 4 Private Investments

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  • India an Emerging Economy

    Course Project India an Emerging Economy What proves that India is an emerging country? How did it reach this stage? What is the most active section that helps the emergence of India? Why is India going to dominate the economy? To an outsider, India might look like an entrepreneur’s nightmare, a country with over a billion people riven by paradoxes. The distribution system can be inadequate, the legal system can be intimidating, government often fails to deliver basic services and poverty

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  • China's Demographics and Their Impact on Its Economy

    First name, last name: Professor/tutor: Course title: Date of submission: Economic Impact of China’s Demographics Introduction Policies regarding population development are a major factor towards determining China’s future economic prospects. China is the most populous country in the world, doubling its population over the last 60 years (Lee & Qingjun 58). For the rapid population growth that China has achieved over the last few decades, controlling and monitoring the growth of the population

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  • Social Enterprises in China's Modern Society

    Enterprises in China’s Modern Society Introduction The concept of social enterprises has been in existence and well adapted around the world for several decades. However, it was not until 2004 that social enterprise theory finally made its debut introduction in China’s society (FYSE 4). Over the following years, social entrepreneurship has gradually made its presence more apparent via direct contribution to the social-economic issues that the rapid-growing country has been facing. China’s phenomenal

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  • B6512 Module 5 Assignment 1 Emerging Economies and Globalization

    B6512 Module 5 Assignment 1 Emerging Economies and Globalization To Buy this Class Copy & paste below link in your Brower Or Visit Our Website Visit : Email Us : B6512 Module 5 Assignment 1 Emerging Economies and Globalization Markets in developed economies are approaching saturation level. Therefore, MNCs are searching for

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  • How China's Black Monday Could Affect Global Economies

    How China's Black Monday could affect global economies By Ravender Sembhy August 24, 2015 14:11 BST After the Chinese stock market suffered its biggest one day loss since 2007, plummeting 8.5%, the country's media have dubbed today "Black Monday". The ripple effect has been felt across the globe, with indices nosediving one after the other. The FTSE 100 fell below the 6,000 mark for the first time since 2013, and Japan's Nikkei, the German DAX and France's CAC all followed suit in recording heavy

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  • B6512 Module 5 Assignment 1 Emerging Economies and Globalization

    B6512 Module 5 Assignment 1 Emerging Economies and Globalization To Get this Tutorial Copy & Paste above URL Into Your Browser Hit Us Email for Any Inquiry at: Visit our Site for More Tutorials: ( ) Markets in developed economies are approaching saturation level. Therefore, MNCs are searching for new untapped markets in emerging countries such as India

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  • China's Economy

    China’s Economy- Whilst performing a close analysis on the economic and manufacturing standpoint of China, what are the main factors that must be taken into consideration? Currency – China VS The Netherlands A very large part of expanding a business to another location, especially outside of the European Union, is analysing the currency and exchange rates of that country in comparison to your own country’s. As found on the Currency Encyclopedia; CX, the Chinese Yuan Renminbi is the currency

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  • Emerging Market

    Analysis of the emerging market in China Introduction Nowadays, with the financial crisis sweeping the globe, the emerging market is to be concerned by more and more countries. China as one of BRICs country has an impact on economic, trade and political in the world. This paper will talk about the emerging market--China from some economic factors, social factors and political factors, also analysis why China play an important role in the world. And what is the relationship between China and

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  • Analysis of Emerging Technology

    Analysis of Emerging Technology As the world has globalized over the last 30 years, many people are traveling further and further away from the comforts of modern technology.  Tourists and workers are exploring developing nations looking for new adventures and new opportunities.  But, as they traveled many miles from their home base, these adventurous persons discovered that the safety net of emergency services and in particular emergency medical services became more and more fragmented.  Now, communication

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  • Export Promotion and the Nigerian Economy: an Emperical Analysis

    Export promotion and the Nigerian economy: an Emperical analysis (1985-2012) By Oladipo Comfort 09291068 A research project submitted to the Department of Economics, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Abuja. Abuja- Nigeria. In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the award of Bachelor of Science ( Degree in Economics. July, 2014. Declaration I declare that this project has been written by me (Oladipo Comfort) and that it is a record of my own research work. To the best

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  • Emerging Merging Economies and the Sudden Income Inflows or Outflows

    Emerging Merging Economies and the Sudden Income Inflows or Outflows Name Tutor Institution Course Date Emerging Merging Economies and the Sudden Income Inflows or Outflows The concept of emerging economies is often used to provide a description of the aspects of a particular country’s economy developing towards a more advanced state (Giudice, Peruta, & Carayannis, 2014). It is often by the means of a rapid growth and the process of industrialization in the country. Nonetheless

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  • China's Global Economy

    BMGT 110 China’s Global Economy Anthony Fleury Xinhua reported that Beijing recorded 80% blue sky days in the first quarter of 2009. The concept that there is a blue sky day is unusual for most of the world, but it represents the price that China has paid for its rapid economic growth trajectory. As cities sprout from villages and a labor force in the hundreds of millions is mobilized, China has experienced a double-digit GDP growth for much of the past thirty years. This growth however

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  • Energy Supply, Its Demand and Security Issues for Developed and Emerging Economies

    Marquez and Coimbra, 2013a; Marquez et al., 2013; Inman et al., 2013; Quesada-Ruiz et al., 2014). The performance of individual forecasting method can be further improved by real-time reforecasting, i.e., by adopting stochastic tools based on the analysis of the forecast and error time series. Reforecasting is mostly used in weather and climate forecasts to diagnose systematic bias, recognize model deficiencies, statistically correct forecast errors, and run data assimilation, thereby aiding in

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  • Emerging Economies and Globalization

    Emerging Economies and Globalization Argosy University Module 5: Assignment 1 LASA 2 BUS6512 Jerome Bates June 4, 2015 Table of Contents Abstract……..………………………………………………………………………………p.3 General Electric Health (History)..…………………………………………………………p.4 Theories Behind the GE Healthcare Move…………………………………………………p.4 International Product Lifecycle.…………………………………………………………....p.5 Comparative Advantage……………………………………………………………………p.6 Possible Pitfall of the Strategy……………………………………………………………..p.8 Solutions

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  • China's Foreign Policy

    Introduction The essay is intended to deliver an analysis about Chinese foreign policy in the upcoming years, its development and clarification of the position of the People’s Republic of China in the international relations with a focus on China’s peaceful rise. The essay covers China’s relations to the selected countries, for example the most important neighbouring countries, but nevertheless the U.S., European Union and Middle East also. It focuses also on environmental sustainability, possible

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  • Article Analysis-Keeping Customers in a Crummy Economy

    Article Analysis In a downed economy, with the exception of implausibly wealthy people, many individuals tend to reduce their spending habits. People often search for significant ways to stretch their dollars. This includes reducing their entertainment expenses, purchasing fewer groceries, taking shorter vacations, and overall, keeping a closer eye on their expenditures. How do these frugal buying habits affect businesses? If a business does not have an efficient marketing strategy, its business

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  • How China’s Currency Manipulation Affects Us Economy

    How China’s Currency Manipulation Affects US Economy Howe School of Technology Management Principles of Economics How China’s Currency Manipulation Affects US Economy Currency intervention is the action of one or more governments, central banks, or speculators that increases or reduces the value of a particular currency against another currency – this is according to Wikipedia. From January until October in 2010 imports from China to the United States this

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  • Human Resource Development of Professionals in an Emerging Economy

    Individual Assignment 4 - HRD Human Resource Development of professionals in an emerging economy You are an expatriate sent by SAP to one of the major construction companies in Tanzania. You have Debrah/Oforis article and USD 1 Mio to set up an “ideal” HRD-program for this company that should facilitate as a prime example in the whole industry. Draft your concept! Be as concrete as possible and mind your line of argumentation. It is usually the professional bodies that provide appropriate

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  • Emerging and Transition Economies

    privileges and grew large. This gave the impression of economic success for the chaebol that was not always valid. In some cases chaebol grew not because they were profitable but merely because they could borrow vast funds. When the international economy took a downturn these debt-ridden businesses were in trouble. In 1999 one quarter of the manufacturers in South Korea did not earn enough to meet the payments required for their debt. Samsung's companies benefited from the import-substitution policy

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  • Green Barrier to China's Export

    Introduction As the world economy moves towards globalization, China has become more open to trade with other countries. Its international trade volume had risen from US$20.6 in 1978 to US$1,422 billion in 2005 (Wang & Liu, 2007). Since China’s exports mainly focus on the labor intensive and resource intensive industries, this exports pattern causes a serious environmental problem in China. Green barriers become a kind of emerging non-tariff barrier which is used for the developed countries

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  • Economy Analysis of Bangladesh

    Introduction World economy is facing recession today. Every country with largest economy has been affected by that. Largest economy country such as USA’s economy has fallen. As everything is now globalized all the country of the world has felt impact on different degrees. Bangladesh’s economy is going upward day by day. Being so conservative with economy Bangladesh has somewhat stopped the bad effect of recession. Since Bangladesh is a developing country it is not safe from any global effect.

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  • An Analysis of Emerging China’s Economy Research in World Economy Vol. 2, No. 2; October 2011 An Analysis of Emerging China’s Economy and its Influence on World Economy Zhijun Sheng (Corresponding author) School of Economics and Management, Changchun University of Science and Technology Changchun 130022, China Tel: +86-135-0445-7191 Email: Jing Ma School of Economics and Management, Changchun University of Science and Technology Changchun 130022, China Email: majingdoll@hotmail

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