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    CHAPTER 1 LAW OF CONTRACTS 2 Business Law Including Company Law 1.1 NATURE OF CONTRACT [Sections 1–2] INTRODUCTION We enter into contracts day after day. Taking a seat in a bus amounts to entering into a contract. When you put a coin in the slot of a weighing machine, you have entered into a contract. You go to a restaurant and take snacks, you have entered into a contract. In such cases, we do not even realise that we are making a contract. In the case of people engaged in trade

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    Issues in contracts * Was a contract formed? * Did the parties perform (or have a defense to performance? * What remedy is appropriate? * Nonperformance defenses: * Mistakes: both parties have to make the same mistakes Remedies * Monetary damages * -general, consequential * Liquidated damages- * Specific performance- * Rescission-judge says both parties are stupid so can’t sign the contract; contract doesn’t exist because no one knows what they’re talking

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    Contract is an agreement between two or more persons (individuals, businesses, organizations, or government agencies) to do or to refrain from doing, a particular thing in exchange for something of value. Contracts can be generally written using formal or informal terms or they can be entirely verbal. In Malaysia, Contracts are governed by Contract Acts 1950 (revised 1974) by virtue of Section 5 Civil Law Act 1956. In Section 2(h), CA 1950, a Contract is an agreement enforced by law and social

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    technologies in a design intended to achieve specific goals. It takes many different forms in different societies. Organization theory is an area of study whereby organizations serve as the phenomenon of interest for theorization and explanation. The modernist perspective views organizations as objectively real entities operating in a real world and takes a positivist approach to generating knowledge. When well-designed and managed, organisations are systems of decision and action driven by

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  • The Strategic Issues, Business Plan and Implementation from Situational and Industry Analysis: a Discussion on a Specific Case

    International Review of Business Research Papers Vol. 4 No.5 October-November 2008 Pp.20-33 The Strategic Issues, Business Plan and Implementation from Situational and Industry Analysis: A Discussion on a Specific Case Moha Asri Abdullah A business strategy is the focal point of the business practices and competitive strategies in the operational management. It is used to strike out a market position, conduct operations, attract customers, compete and achieve organizational objective. Thus,

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    Welcome First of all I would like to congratulate you on your appointment and wish you every success in your new position.   Contained in this briefing note is information which will help you gain knowledge and understanding of NHS Highland as an organisation services and how HR aims to support its strategy   Introduction (purpose and goals)   NHS Highland, in common with all Scottish health boards, has a huge advantage in being responsible for the total health needs of the population and for integrated

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    Contracts Just because the contractor has been selected as the winner does not mean the contractor can start doing the work. Before the project can proceed, a contract must be signed between the customer and the contractor. A contract is a vehicle for establishing good customer–contractor communications and arriving at a mutual understanding and clear expectations to ensure project success. It is an agreement between the contractor, who agrees to perform the project and to provide a product or

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    work among them. When an organisation becomes large, separate departments are created to perform different functions. Each department has to be divided into a number of smaller units. Ultimately, the work of the organisation is divided into a number of positions of employees and managers. Relationships are then established among the different positions in the organisation. The outcome of the organising process is a set of formal relationships which is known as organisation structure. In this lesson

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    ORGANISATION CHANGE AND LEADERSHIP 1 Fullstream Transformation Model UPSTREAM CHANGE (Setting the Foundations for Success) DOWNSTREAM MIDSTREAM CHANGE CHANGE (Implementation) (Design) 2 The Change Leader’s Roadmap Hear the Wake-up Call TM I. Prepare to Lead the Change IX. Learn and Course Correct II. Create Organizational Vision, Commitment, and Capability VIII. Celebrate and Integrate the New State III. Assess the Situation to Determine Design Requirements

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  • People in Organisation

    PEOPLE IN ORGANISATIONS Level 7 I. ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR 1.1. The meaning of organizational behaviour We live in an organizational world. Organizations of one form or another are a necessary part of our society and serve many important needs. The decisions and actions of management in organizations have an increasing impact on individuals, other organizations and the community. It is important, therefore, to understand how organizations function and the influences which they exercise

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  • Law Employment Contract Analysis

    concepts behind and an analysis of an employment contract between Sam Marafioti and the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center. The goal of this paper is to better understand contract law and the legal, ethical and contractual issues that can arise when dealing with an employment contract. The paper begins by explaining the objective of the paper and the used in order to complete the objective. The methodology used is a five step process beginning with the clauses within the contract being defined. This

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  • Analysis of a Specific Medical Advancement

    Module 6 – Written Assignment – Analysis of a Specific Medical Advancement – Jeffrey Fischbein – 2/11/14 Rocket-Powered Prosthetic Arm We have all heard the cliché “you don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone”. For some it can be a materialistic thing as a car or a cellphone. Others are boyfriends or girlfriends that recently broken up. But for some, it can be something much more than that. Something that is more personal to them. To others it can be a limb that was lost from war, an accident

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  • Organisation Behaviour

    EXPLOITS UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF COMMERCE Human ResourcesManagement Student Name; Mischeck Stanley Mtonga PROGRAM ;BHRM year 3: 2nd SEMESTER MODULE: Organisation Behaviour ASSIGNMENT QUESTION; Organisation Behaviour is a multidisciplinary in nature meaning that it uses principles,models,theories and methods from other disciplines, identify these disciplines and discuss how they cotribute to organisational behaviour… LECTURER: Maneka Moyo DATE OF SUBMISSION:

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    organisation -organisation is a person or group of people intentionally organized to accomplish an overall or set of goals. -organisation is primarily driven by set of goals and aims. -an organisation will have controlled performance with standards, its members identifying: goals, measurement and comparisons of actual versus plan, corrective action. -the most basic organisation will have function such as finance, production and sales. -organisations have a purpose whether it is a company producing

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  • Aspects of Contract and Negligence for Business

    UK COLLEGE BUSINESS AND COMPUTING Module Booklet Course: EDEXCEL BTEC Group: Ed excel HND Group Module: Unit 5 – Aspects of Contract and Negligence for Business Module type: Module Code: Y/601/0563 Module Credit: 15 Teaching Period: (12+3 weeks) QCF Level: 5 Contact Hours: (15*3.75 = 56.25) Lecturers: 12 weeks Revision Clinic: 1 week Feedback and assignment guidance: 2 weeks Lecturer: Mr. Dalton

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  • Organisation Design & Organisation Development

    care home industry for many years, initially with a team of 200 employees. The Company recently merged with another care home provider which resulted in the expansion of the organisation and now the company employees about 3000 staff nationwide. It has been a positive change from the expansion perspective of the organisation however the merger with another provider had a major impact of the existing employees. “Dynamics of the merger process as an attempt to combine different organisational cultures

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  • The Learning Organisation

    2003, p. 205). Systems thinking provides a way to understand the internal and external relationships within the organisation and the way that these can influence the organisation. In addition to building a more complete understanding of how organisation’s function, systems thinking brings together the elements that an organisation requires in order for it to be a learning organisation. These include personal mastery, team learning, building shared vision, effective leadership and learning processes

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    explaining the essential elements of a contract and the applicable remedies in the event of a breach What is required for a valid offer? How can one accept an offer? What is the concept of consideration and what form(s) can consideration take in creating a contract? What factors must be considered in assessing the legal sufficiency of an offer, acceptance, and consideration in determining whether a contract is enforceable? In the event that a contract is formed and subsequently broken, what

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  • Risk Management in an Organisation

    Risk Management & Decision Analysis of Energy Projects Assignment 1: A discussion on the application of Risk Management (RM) in an organization Student: D. Seepersad Date: 18th February 2014 Introduction Risk management is a method that organisations use to address the risks that are involved with their particular activities with the main purpose of achieving their objectives. These objectives form part of the sustainability of the organisation’s activities (Institute of Risk Management

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  • Contract & Event

    Contract and Event Management 1.1 The main characteristics of the contract and Event catering sectors. In the UK catering market, contract caterers are the key players and they are expert operators who are destined to take charge of the catering amenities for a whole variety of organisations. Likewise, growth in the recent years has been through the food service market as it has developed. The UK’s contract catering sector is subjugated by international operators, for instance; Sodexho, Aramark

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  • Swot Analysis Png Organisation 2005

    he Telenor ASA - SWOT Analysis company profile is the essential source for top-level company data and information. Telenor ASA - SWOT Analysis examines the company’s key business structure and operations, history and products, and provides summary analysis of its key revenue lines and strategy. Telenor is a provider of telecommunications services. The company's majority shareholding is held by the Norway government, with an ownership share of 54% at the end of FY2009. The company is also the

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    When entering into a contract, it is important to note the elements of what makes a contract a legal binding agreement between two parties. The Theory to practice case is between Mr. Chou and BBT. Mr. Chou agreed soul distributorship on a 90-day contract agreement in return that BBT paid a sum for Mr. Chou’s product. Agreement, mutual assent, consideration, and capacity legality made up the two parties entrance into the contract. As in the case of BBT and Mr. Chou all contracts have differences to

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    Executive Summary Borthwick Contacting is a civil engineering company and Australia’s most successful road and bridge building enterprises. It is a fine organisation that boasted a core workforce of around 400 highly skilled construction staff. The key to Borthwick Contracting’s survival in the industry is through tendering and securing new contracts. Unfortunately, they are currently facing some difficulties in meeting tender deadlines and employees find it hard to cope with managing requests. Toby

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  • Organisation Change Management

    more flexible. During the change operation having the trend of paradigm shift, it is essential to make the relationship between management and leadership clear. As said by Caldwell (2003), executives as well as high level senior managers of the organisation are considered as change leaders. They are the people who imagines, initiate as well as funding for extensive strategic change or making the employees believe and empower them to operate. On the other hand, the middle level managers as well as

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    Essential Elements of Contract A contract is agreement enforceable by law. Every contract is an agreement but every agreement is not necessarily a contract. An agreement becomes contract only when it possesses certain essential elements. The presence of these features in the agreement gives it legal enforceability. 1. Valid offer Any agreement between two or more parties begins with an offer. An offer is made when one person signifies to another his willingness to do or abstain from doing something

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  • Consumer Behaviour for Specific Markets

    HACB : Analyse consumer behaviour for specific markets Assessment 3 : Recommend focused marketing strategies for a product or service Content Page: 1: Question 1-4 2: Question 5-7 3: Question 8-10 1. Access the outputs from Assessment task 2, including the feedback 2. Confirm buying trends in your market sector In the current beer market, consumer purchasing beer base on the taste, pricing and low – carbonhydrated. The trend of buying in beer market has seen as consumers

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  • Case Analysis Discharged Contracts

    Case Analysis: Discharged Contracts Carmelisa King Kaplan University LS311: Business Law Professor Baum September 2nd, 2014 Introduction There is an old saying a person’s word is their bond. In business a person’s word can be used as a contractual agreement. However, this type of contract isn’t always the best way to do business. It is important to have a written contractual agreement that both parties can be held by so there can’t be any possibility of either parties breaching the contract

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  • Analysis of Culture and Organisational Structure of a Thoeretical Organisation

    Analysis of the structure and culture of Thanda Forestry Company (TFC). 1. BUSINESS PROFILE OF THANDA FORESTRY COMPANY (TFC) TFC is a forestry parastatal which manages 175 000 hectors of State-owned commercial plantations. The Group consists of two main operating subsidiaries: Matanda Forests (“MF”) operating in South Africa’s 3 provinces (Limpopo, Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal), and Florestais Mozambucus (“FM”) located in the Manica province of Mozambique. TFC was established in 1990 and has

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  • Organisation Behaviour Concepts Analysis with Case

    University. So she decides to accept the job even she is not totally convinced that she would like the job. After get the basic needs, Fran needs a safe and non-threatening work environment, job security, safe equipment and installation. Next, Fran need contract and friendship with colleagues, social activities and opportunities. In the case, Fran was resulting in quarrels with her boyfriend and housemates, and her colleagues also do so. She also got a big opportunity at an early stage join the company.

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  • Analysis

    that part of management which is concerned with the people at work and with their relationship within an enterprise.  Its objectives are:  Effective utilisation of human resources; Desirable working relationships among all members of the organisation; and Maximum individual development. The major functional areas in human resource management are:  Planning, Staffing, Employee development, and Employee maintenance. These four areas and their related functions share the common objective

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    Better Practice Contract Management Framework Better practice element Comment: What is required and why Governance Agencies’ contract management delegations are clear and consistent with general financial delegations Define oversight, financial and management controls. • Agencies’ general financial delegations should take precedence over contract management delegations, such as signing the contract. • Contract management delegations should escalate based on the risks

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  • Contract Analysis

    Contract Analysis BUSI 561 – Spring D Emerald Jones I would continue doing business with Marshall as long as we come to an agreement on a new contract. This understanding will provide us clarity on this partnership we are going to continue to have while doing business. Marshall is a good person and I would like to see his company continue to flourish as well as his spirituality. However if Marshall does not agree with the terms of a new contract business between us will cease. There are

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  • Contract Procurement Options

    AN ASSIGNMENT ON CONTRACT PROCUREMENT OPTIONS SUBMITTED BY EBITUNMISE DANIEL O. QSV/10/1220 COURSE CODE: QSV 512 7TH JULY, 2015 1.0 INTRODUCTION Strategies for the procurement of building projects have not changed significantly in the last 25 years, though time and cost overruns are still prevalent throughout the industry (Smith and Love, 2001). In a response to reduce the incidence of time and costs overruns, the disputes that may often arise, and the likelihood of project success, alternative

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  • Understanding Organisations and the Role of Hr

    Number: 44235175 ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Qualification Title: Human Resource Practise ------------------------------------------------- Unit Title: Understanding Organisations and the Role of Human Resources (3HRC) ------------------------------------------------- Unit Code: 40552A ------------------------------------------------- Assignment Number: 1 ------------------------------------------------- Candidate

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  • Organisation Transformation

    OD issues that were identified by using OD diagnosis tools and models. Some of the issues highlighted and is the focus of this analysis was HRM, Leadership and Culture. From the case study, one can identify the lack of proper leadership and correlate this to other OD issues such as, no cooperate strategy, no vision or mission and cultural barriers within the organisation. Several known models and strategies were use to select the appropriate intervention and relevant methods for implementation.

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  • Organisation Change Management

    Date Organisational Change Management Introduction Currently, the economic pressures and changing political priorities allow the need for organisational change in the public and private bodies (Bauer, 2008). However, carrying out changes in an organisation is a complex process that can lead to negative and positive outcomes, thus it is important to concentrate on accessible evidence that would make the process effective and efficient. Change is considered a multi-level phenomenon. There is a gap

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  • Contract Analysis

    Running head: BUSI 561 Contract Analysis BUSI 561 Contract Analysis / Week 3 Demetria Barlow Liberty University BUSI 561 Contract Analysis / Week 2 The case presented here in this contract analysis is a very sticky situation. Here we are faced with the combination of two very different relationships between the same two parties. I would find myself quite surprised at the reaction of Mr. Petersen upon telling him about the direction in which my business is about to go. According to

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    they become applicable to your organisation. Now, coming to the contracts encountered in organisations. The first contract we will discuss in brief is the contract with the employees: Contracts of employment Key points • A contract of employment is an agreement between an employer and employee and is the basis of the employment relationship. • Most employment contracts do not need to be in writing to be legally valid, but it is better if they are. • A contract 'starts' as soon as an offer of

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  • 1. Understand the Specific Responsibilities of Middle Managers in Enabling an Organisation to Achieve Its Goals

    more responsibilities and worked my way up becoming the Team Leader, then Nurse Manager and recently I was appointed as the Director of Nursing. 1. Understand the specific responsibilities of middle managers in enabling an organisation to achieve its goals * 1.1 Describe the goals and objectives of your organisation (12 marks) The Raphael Medical Centre is a private hospital that caters for patients with Brain Injury, providing a high level of Nursing and Therapeutic care. The goal

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  • Profitability Analysis Through Annual Contract

    the study is significant because it is hoped that on the completion, the study will provide further insights into the understanding of stock control measures. The study will make an interesting contribution to the understanding of the general and specific effects of stores control in other utilities. Also, the study will further justify the need to strengthen management and control of stock with anticipated benefit in view. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY: There is also the problem of

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  • Managing Organisation

    | | Academic Year: 2015-2016 MODULE CODE: BUS020N592A MODULE TITLE: MANAGING ORGANISATIONS MODULE CONVENER: DR GUY BOHANE Email: Room: QB230 Coursework 2 – Essay Assignment Brief |ASSESSMENT DETAILS (To include formative and summative pieces)

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  • Contract

    Proposal, nor will it be made part of any resulting contract. The QASP is provided in order to give the Contractor an understanding of the Government’s Quality Assurance Surveillance Efforts for this contract. It is designed to aid the Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) in providing effective and systematic surveillance of all aspects of the Fort Huachuca Directorate of Logistics Base Operations Services being provided under the contract. B. Purpose: 1. The purpose of the QASP

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  • Organisations and Behaviour

    Introduction An organisation is an assortment of individuals who work along and coordinate their actions to achieve a certain objective. The objective is what people try to accomplish as members of the organisation. For example improving business, promote a worthy cause, achieving power and status, acquiring work experience, and so on. The goals are what the organisation as an entire is attempting to accomplish (providing innovative product and services that customers want; obtaining candidates

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  • Understanding Organisations & the Role of Human Resources

    female, aged 35-55. In 2014, 12 million customers visited our UK stores and our websites received 276 million visits (Debenhams plc Annual Report & Accounts, 2014: Online) External Environment – PESTLE Analysis For PESTLE Analysis, please see Appendix 1. Structure of The Organisation Buchanan and Huczynski (2004) define structure as: "A formal system of task and reporting relationships that controls, co-ordinates and motivates employees so that they work together to achieve Organisational

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    How does personality influence employee job satisfaction and organizational commitment? Introduction Organisations over the years are facing one of the toughest challenges of having a committed workforce in order to feature in the worldwide economic competition. Besides that, the leading challenge in management is how to assign suitable working position for employees. An employee who is satisfied with their job would perform and commit to their job and organization. Schultz and Schultz (2001)

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  • Specific Performance

    Unit 6 Specific Performance Elizabeth A. Combs LS 311: Business Law I-01 Kaplan University Professor Toni Starcher February 14, 2012 Unit 6 Specific Performance “The equitable remedy of Specific Performance calls for the performance of the act promised in the contract. This remedy is often attractive to a nonbreaching party because it provides the exact bargain promised in the contract,” (Miller & Jentz, 2008). With this being said, we can now take a look at our assignment scenarios

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    Commercial Transactions (Contracts) There are four elements of a valid contact and they are as follows. The first element is an agreement. An agreement can be between individuals, individuals and companies or companies and companies. The second element is consideration. With having consideration this is the most common when there is money exchanged for services that were provided or also goods that were exchanged. The third element is contractual capacity or where the parties are qualified

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    1. Invitation to Treat v. Offer to the World at Large A contract may be defined as ‘a promise or set of promises which the law will enforce’ or as ‘an agreement giving rise to obligations which are enforced or recognized by law’ . An ‘offer’ is an expression of willingness to contract made with the intention (actual or apparent) that it shall become binding on the person making it as soon as it is accepted by the person to whom it is addressed . An offer may be addressed either to an individual

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    STANDARD FREEDOM COUNTY CONTRACT 3/97 ©Copyright 1997 Freedom County Bar Association, Inc. All Rights Reserved. (Any change in the text without authorization shall constitute copyright infringement under the Copyright Act of the United States.) THIS CONTRACT FORM HAS BEEN APPROVED BY THE FREEDOM COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION AND THE FREEDOM COUNTY BOARD OF REALTORS. ATTORNEY APPROVAL: This Contract is contingent upon PURCHASER and SELLER obtaining approval of this Contract by their respective attorneys

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  • Organisations and Behaviour

    1 Classical Theory 5 1.3.2 Neoclassical Theory 6 1.3.3 Contemporary Theory 6 1.4. An Evaluation of Different Approaches to Management Used by Different Organizations 6 1.5. Organisations that Adopt Different Approaches of Management 8 2. Understanding of the Ways of Using Motivational Theories in Organisations 8 2.1 The Impact of Different Leadership Style on Motivation in the Periods of Organizational Change 8 2.2 An Effective Leadership Style Can Help to Achieve Organisational Objectives

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