Antigone Divine Law Vs Human Law

  • Antigone vs. Creon: Struggles, Beliefs, and Morals

    Antigone vs. Creon: Struggles, Beliefs, and Morals In Sophocles’ play, Antigone, Creon and his young niece Antigone encounter many struggles in their lives because of moral views and political laws. Conflicts would arise when the values and actions of these two individuals disagreed with one another. Antigone’s conflict in the play held the approach of god’s law in the way, and on the opposing side, Creon chose his way of political beliefs that he would personally create as king. In my

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  • Fluent Programming vs Law of Demeter

    Fluent or Law of Demeter? Serban Gavrus Abstract The Law of Demeter is one of the most widely known programming principle, it‟s easy to respect and it assures some important code quality aspect. It can be briefly defined as “use only one dot”. Fluency is a popular choice for implementing interfaces because it adds readability and ease of use. Method chaining and fluency are in practice inseparable. These two aspects of programming seem to be contradictory, one can‟t have both. This essay argues

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  • Law of Aloha

    Religion has a major impact on every living human being on this planet. Whether agnostic or atheistic, every individual has a general set of beliefs about life, purpose, etc. Most religions have been accountable for positive influences throughout history and are responsible for shaping the modern world as it is today. For example, religion is known to have supported the construction of the most magnificent architecture in the world, from the Great Pyramids of Egypt to the Taj Mahal in India. Times

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  • The Law

    shall be known as the "Code of Muslim Personal Laws of the Philippines." Article 2. Purpose of Code. Pursuant to Section 11 of Article XV of the Constitution of the Philippines, which provides that "The State shall consider the customs, traditions, beliefs and interests of national cultural communities in the formulation and implementation of state policies," this Code: (a) Recognizes the legal system of the Muslims in the Philippines as part of the law of the land and seeks to make Islamic institutions

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  • Importance of Studying Labor Laws for Human Resource Students

    1. Why is the study of Labor Law/s important for HR students? The study of human resources development management gives emphasis on the proper supervision and managing of people in their respective fields. Human resources development management provides structured ways to raise the human potentials in terms of their physical or mental exertions translated into the overall productivity and efficiency of the nation. From the minutest sectors of labor, human has proved that the true quality of proper

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  • Corporate Law

    ...........9 INTRODCUTION “A company at law is distinct from its members. A director or a shareholders is neither the agents nor the trustee of the company” The quotation stated above is a part of the statement delivered by Lord MacNaughton in the House of Lords to provide direction towards maintaining the principle of corporate traits, as set out in the Companies Act 1862. The remaining part of the statement is as follows: ‘The company is at law a different person altogether from the subscribers

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  • Law Traditional vs Nontraditional

    Traditional and Nontraditional Litigation LAW/531 April 15, 2013 Traditional and Nontraditional Litigation In the United States, a traditional litigation refers to the process of bringing, defending and maintaining a lawsuit (Cheeseman, 2010). Traditional litigation goes through a structured process of answer, discovery trial and jury. Whereas the nontraditional litigation process, alternative dispute resolution, known as ADR is a more flexible, less expensive, not as time consuming, and confidential

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  • Human Res. Mgmt. & Law

    is also best to give the benefit of the doubt and differentiate between arrest and conviction. Making a careful evaluation of the frequency and severity of the violations could aid in understanding an individuals character. Many of us break the law in ways we don’t think about such as speeding, jaywalking, littering,etc. Some violations are more serious than other and some may be job related while others aren’t. Minor, non-job-related offense shouldn’t whole heartedly influence hiring decisions

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  • Casinos vs. Card Counters: the Law and Reality

    Casinos vs. Card Counters: The Law and Reality Contents Page Description 3 Introduction 4 Card Counting Systems 4 MIT Blackjack Team 5 Is Card Counting Legal? 6 The Right to Ban Skilled Players 7 Casino Countermeasures 7 Griffin Investigations, Inc. 9 Face Recognition Systems 9 Bloodhound Blackjack Monitoring System 10 Changing the Rules 12 “Backrooming” 13 Conclusion 14 References Blackjack is the only casino game that when played perfectly has odds in favor

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  • Theory vs Law

    Theory/Law Many Students tend to intermingle the two terms law and theory. A law can be explained as a tested observation that has perfect reliability without explanation of the origin. It is the knowledge of something in nature but without the explanation of how it came to be. For instance the Universal Law of Gravitation is a principle regularity of how two particles attract each other. Whereas a theory may be explained as an extension of a hypothesis intended to explain something in nature

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  • Employment Laws

    Material Employment Laws Chart Complete the chart below using information from the weekly readings and additional research if necessary. | | |Court Case Influential to | | | | |Description and Requirement of Law |Establishment of Law |Importance of Law |Workplace

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  • Antigone

    Antigone is credited as one of the best works of Sophocles, ranked by most modern critics above Oedipus the King. There are many aspects of Antigone that make it the play critics love to ramble about. “Antigone must be received as the canon of ancient tragedy: no tragedy of antiquity that we possess approaches it in pure idealism, or in harmony of artistic development” says one critic named Berhardy. Tragedy is usually concerned with a person of great stature, a king or nobleman, who falls because

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  • Gospel Necessity vs. Law Expediency

    Hebrew of Hebrews; in regard to the law, a Pharisee; as for zeal, persecuting the church; as for legalistic righteousness, faultless. In short, Saul had all the credentials that you could ever ask for in a religious person. And he made sure that these principles by which he lived were enforced. His preaching was a preaching that was unambiguous as to its expectations. Moreover, these expectations had “teeth” in them. They were enforced and held accountable by laws and rules strictly enforced. That’s

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  • Laws

    colleague, customer or property. Your employer should always investigate the circumstances before making a dismissal, even in possible gross misconduct cases. A ‘statutory restriction’ You can be dismissed if continuing to employ you would break the law - eg if you’re a driver in a lorry firm and you lose your driving licence. It’s impossible to carry on employing you If it’s impossible to carry on employing you, it’s likely to be fair. For example, if a factory burns down and it’s no longer possible

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  • Antigone

    English 112 Antigone: Divine Law vs. Human Law The play entitled Antigone was written by a man named Sophocles, a scholarly author of philosophy and logic. The play Antigone is probably one of the most prominent interpretations of a tragic drama. The two main characters of the play are Antigone and Creon. There is much conflict between Antigone and Creon throughout the play, both of them having their own ideas and opinions regarding divine law versus human law. The theme

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  • Antigone vs. Creon

    the play “Antigone”, by Sophocles, there is an antagonism between Antigone and Creon. As the novelist George Eliot says, “the antagonism between valid claims”, there is such an antagonism in the play, and it is hard to judge who is right because they both have their valid claims. Is Antigone right to bury her brother Polynices’ died body even though she will die? Yes, she is right, because she has her valid claims. First, Antigone has a strong belief in protecting her family. Antigone states:

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  • Human Resource Laws : the Switzerland and Us View

    and humanity of Christ” are such doctrines. The trinity basically is a belief that God exists in a trio form namely God the father, son and Holy Spirit. The full deity and humanity of Christ refers to the existence of the Son of God in two forms as human and as God. The trinity shows how the attributes of God are shown with the three forms he is. The trinity was a doctrine developed in the early church to answer the frequently asked questions about the nature of God. This was mostly in Arianism in

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  • Law Case

    Name: Neyamul Hoque ID:1020180530 Sec:8 LAW 200 Statement Analysis: “A company at law is distinct from its members. A Director is neither an agent nor a trustee of a company” To: Barrister Shaheen Ahmed (ShD) Date: 07.04.2014 Introduction The main inspiration for forming

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  • Law Is the Law

    case, respondent Robert D. Robinette was stopped for speeding by Deputy Roger Newsome of the Montgomery County Sheriff Office, since he had no prior violation; the officer gave him a verbal warning and returned his driver’s license(Cornell University Law School 1996). Shortly After, the deputy asked Robinette, before he gets going whether he was carrying any illegal contraband, weapons, drug’s, or such things in his car. That’s when Robinette answered that he did not have any of those things in his

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  • Laws

    Federal Laws Federal laws generally apply to people living in the United States and its territories. Congress creates and passes bills. The President then signs those bills into law. Federal courts may review these laws and strike them down if they think they do not agree with the U.S. Constitution. Find Federal Laws The United States Code contains the general and permanent laws of the United States. It does not include regulations issued by executive branch agencies, decisions of federal courts

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  • The Certainty of Punishment in Law for the Pursuit of Justice in Antigone and Measure for Measure

    Punishment in Law for The Pursuit of Justice in Antigone and Measure for Measure The concept of justice hinges on the beliefs of any given individual, human influences must always ultimately crumble and be brought to justice in the face of what is morally correct and divine. Punishment, conflict and pursuit of justice are major themes in both Sophocles Antigone and Measure for Measure. Antigone is laden with violent imagery; countless arguments causing conflict between Antigone and Creon as well

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  • Laws

    Philippine Laws Affecting Market By: Carla P. Yglopaz Mark Anthony S. Catahina Claudine M. Pascual Ryan-John L. Rivero Melissa Joy R. Suarez 14 June 2014 TABLE OF CONTENTS Laws Affecting Marketers Marketing Law ………………………………………………………………….. 5 Republic Act No. 8424: The National Internal Revenue Code of 1997 .................... 5 Republic Act No. 8293: Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines …………… 6 Batas Pambansa Bilang 68: Corporation Code of The Philippines …………

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  • Public Law and Private Law

    ‘The conventional division of private and public law is to some extent a false dichotomy’. Discuss. The aim of this essay is to discuss the conventional division of private and public law is to some extent a false dichotomy. In order to achieve this aim it is necessary to inform that the writer, will examine the Children Act 1989 (CA 1989), giving examples of case law. This will include a brief background of implementation of private and public law into the Act. The next section will identify the

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  • Proposed Laws and Human Services

    A proposed law in several states that impacts the delivery of human services is requiring mandatory drug testing to be done for those who receive welfare from the government. States have proposed drug testing of applicants and recipients of public welfare benefits since federal welfare reform in 1996. It began to pick up speed in 2011. At least 18 states introduced proposals or had carryover bills that would require drug screening or testing for public assistance applicants and/or recipients in 2014

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  • Business Law - Law of Contracts

    LAW 3235 SEM 2 2013/2014 QUESTION ‘’ Syariah court has no legitimacy for non-muslim’’ Discuss the jurisdiction of Syariah court and civil court in Malaysia. INTRODUCTION Position of syariah court in Malaysia Syariah refers to Sharia law in Islamic religious law and deals with exclusively Islamic laws, having jurisdiction upon every Muslim in Malaysia. The dual-system of law in Malaysia is provided for in Article 121(1A) of the Constitution of Malaysia.The Syariah Court system is one

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  • Antigone vs. Creon

    The Greek tragedy, Antigone shows the opposition between human and divine laws that people are forced to choose between. What the reader witnesses in this play is not only a conflict of personalities, but also a clash of principles. Creon, Antigone’s uncle, is also the ruler of Thebes. Creon is viewed as a practical man as he distances himself from the tragic purpose and goals of Oedipus. He states his only interest is in political and social order. Creon represents a political ideal and loyalty

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  • Disqualified Director: Malaysia's Law vs Uk's Law

    5 i. Undischarged bankruptcy (section 125) 5 ii. Convicted of crimes (section 130) 5 ii. Disqualification in insolvent companies (section 130A) 6 Comparison of penalty or punishment of disqualified director under Malaysia’s Law and United Kingdom’s (UK) Law 6 Example of cases involve directors disqualification in UK and Malaysia 7 Case 1 7 Case 2 8 Conclusion 10 Abstract Director is one of the important people in the conducting of a company. Without them, the company cannot

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  • Law-California Law Review

    California Law Review Volume 57 | Issue 1 Article 1 January 1969 The Legal Roles of Shareholders and Management in Modern Corporate Decisionmaking Melvin Aaron Eisenberg Follow this and additional works at: Recommended Citation Melvin Aaron Eisenberg, The Legal Roles of Shareholders and Management in Modern Corporate Decisionmaking, 57 Cal. L. Rev. 1 (1969). Available at:

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  • Adversary System vs, Civil Law Method

    ADVERSARY SYSTEM vs. CIVIL LAW METHOD   “The goal of both the adversarial system and the inquisitorial system is to find the truth. But the adversarial system seeks the truth by pitting the parties against each other in the hope that competition will reveal it, whereas the inquisitorial system seeks the truth by questioning those most familiar with the events in dispute. The adversarial system places a premium on the individual rights of the accused, whereas the inquisitorial system places the

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  • Business Law

    sex, color, race and age. The people who break these laws will be prosecuted in the federal court and may be fined or jail terms depending upon the law and type of discrimination. The main thing I got surprised while referring to EEOC website is the way these federal commission working to avoid the human trafficking in the United States. This commission works directly with the major investigations groups like FBI and CIA to avoid any human trafficking. In recent news referred from the site has

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  • Natural Law

    INTRODUCTION Natural Law Is a philosophy of law that is determined by nature, and so is unive rsal. Classically, natural law refers to the use of reason to analyze human nature both social and personal and deduce binding rules of moral behavior from it. Natural law is often contrasted with the positive law of a given political community, society, or state. In legal theory, on the other hand, the interpretation of positive law requires some reference to natural law Although natural law is often conflated

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  • Natural Law

    1) Explain Natural Law Theory. Natural Law refers to the laws of nature; it is also the basis of all science, observing what happened in nature, it is also a law that stretches across all cultures and ways of life. It is based on the religious idea of a God who creates everything with a purpose and end in the mind. Natural Law ethics is part of natural theology that tells us how God wants us to live here and now. To live according to natural law is to live by Gods intentions ethical direction

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  • Public vs Private Law

    Public laws are any laws conducted by the state and federal laws. These laws are conducted by a branch called legislative. Private laws are a set of rules agreed upon by two parties. Public law and private laws are two totally different things. Private laws can become public laws if a contract or agreement is breached. Public laws have to be followed by everyone within in the state. There are severe consequences if the laws aren’t followed. An example of public laws includes criminal laws such as

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  • The Law

    customer list, whether written or memorized.   Wal- Mart Stores, Inc. v. Samara Brothers, Inc. 146 L.Ed.2d 182 ISSUE: Whether Wal- Mart, Judy- Philippine, Kmart, Caldor, Hills, and Goody’s were liable for copyright infringement under federal law and infringement of unregistered trade dress under Section 43( a) of the Lanham Act.  RULE: The Lanham Act provides for the registration of trade-marks, which include ‘‘ any word, name, symbol, or device, or any combination thereof [used or intended

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  • International Law - Law and Politics

    distinction between law and politics, a mutual exclusiveness, even an antithesis. Law is decision according to principles, we are told: reasoned decision. Politics is decision according to power. . . . A moment’s reflection will show that this distinction between law and politics is artificial, even preposterous. Notions of authority, expectations of what is right with regard to social choices, play a major role in politics; conversely, power is a very critical and indispensable factor in law. . . . Power

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  • Business Law

    ASSIGNMENT: Business Law NAME: UNIVERSITY: COURSE TITLE: DATE: INSTRUCTOR: QUESTION ONE Tort is a body of obligations, rights, and remedies applied courts in the civil proceedings for providing relief for suffered persons from wrongful deeds of others. The plaintiff is an individual who sustains an injury or to some extent suffers pecuniary damage due to tortious conduct. The tortfeasor or the defendant is the person who inflicts the injury and also incurs liability

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  • Constitutional Law and Criminal Law

    early common law established a process called judicial law Judicial law is the power of a court to review legislative and executive actions, such as a law or an official act of a government employee or agent, to determine whether they are constitutional Established in 1803 U.S. Supreme Court case Marbury v. Madison Also allows courts to review constitutionality of lower courts’ decisions Supremacy clause, located in Article VI of Constitution, provides that the Constitution, laws, and treaties

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  • Laws

    ................................................................................................... 2 2. PRE AND POST LIBERALIZATION ............................................................................................... 3 3. INDIAN LABOUR LAWS ............................................................................................................. 4 4. PRESENT SCENARIO OF LABOUR AND MNCs IN INDIA ........................................................... 8 5. PERCEPTION OF LABOUR ABOUT

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  • Law ( Obligations)

    LAW * any rule of action (state law, divine law, natural law, moral law) or any system of uniformity (physical law) * determines not only activities as rational beings but also the movements of all objects of creation, animate or inanimate GENERAL DIVISIONS 1.) Law which is promulgated and enforced by the state * State Law—also called positive law, municipal law, civil law, imperative law ; enforced by the state with the aid of its physical force ; does not concern itself w/ violations

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  • Law Enforcement

    9/17/2011 The Criminal Justice System is a set of agencies and processes created by the government to control crime and impose penalties on those who do not follow the laws. How the justice system works depends on the jurisdiction that is in charge, or where the crime was committed. Different jurisdictions have different laws, agencies and ways that they handle criminal justice processes. There are two main systems that the government uses to control crime, the state system and federal system.

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  • Laws

    Starling’s Law of the Capillaries Starling’s law of the capillaries states that the movement of fluid between the capillaries and interstitial fluid is due to the net effect of all four of the pressures described. An equation can be used to calculate the NFP and determine the direction of the fluid movement. NFP = (BHP + IFCOP) – (BCOP + IFHP) (Equation 6) BHP and IFCOP promote the movement of fluid out of the capillaries or filtration. BCOP and IFHP promote the movement of fluid into the capillaries

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  • Laws

    On September 15, 1935 the first two laws of the Nuremberg Laws were enacted. The laws were a clear violation of the Jewish people's civil rights. Many of the laws imposed on the freedom of the Jewish people. These laws were enacted by a cold and cruel dictator by the name of Adolf Hitler. The Nuremberg laws were a very strict and immoral set of laws that discriminated against the Jewish people. Above all, the laws were offensive and demeaning. Adolf Hitler was born April 20, 1889 and would eventually

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  • Law and Conscience

    or non-coformity with the norm or criteria. (that which conforms is good or moral, that which do not conform is evil or immoral) ◦The subjective norm of morality – Conscience ◦The objective norm of morality – Law (natural) •Both natural law and conscience are rooted on Eternal Law, the ultimate norm, thus, there is only one norm. Loading... Conscience •The subjective/proximate norm of morality. ◦It is proximate because it is what directly confronts an action as good or bad. •Function:

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  • Universal Law

    Universal Laws Being human laws, statutory laws are imperfect in the sense that the law enforcement officers, the prosecution officers, the judiciary officers, and the custodial officers, are subject to their ethical behaviours and conducts which have impacts on the criminal justice. Likewise, the perpetrators and offenders can evade justice and punishments if they are not detected or dealt with by the authorities. Human laws also do not cover every aspect of human actions, such as human thoughts

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  • Human Rights Law

    HUMAN RIGHTS LAW IMPACT OF GLOBALISATION ON HUMAN RIGHTS TABLE OF CONTENTS Contents INTRODUCTION ..................................................................................................................... 3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY............................................................................................... 5 CHAPTER 1 GLOBALISATION ............................................................................................. 7 CHAPTER 2 INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS

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  • Law & Human Rights

    [Published in the Bangladesh Gazette, Extraordinary, dated the 12th June, 1982.] GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF BANGLADESH MINISTRY OF LAW AND LAND REFORMS (Law and Parliamentary Affairs Division) NOTIFICATION Dacca, the 12th June, 1982 No. 354-Pub. — The following Ordinance made by the Chief Martial Law Administrator of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, on the 11th June, 1982, is hereby published for general information: — THE DRUGS (CONTROL) ORDINANCE, 1982 Ordinance No. VIII

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  • Is International Law Really Law?

    International Law really Law’? (Arend 1999) Discuss with regard to the frequency of breaches of international law, the enforcement of international law and the difficulties in ascertaining international law. Introduction International law is ‘the body of law composed of principles and rules of conduct which states feel bound to observe and do commonly observe in their relations with each other’. However, it is constantly being questioned whether international law really can be considered law at all

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  • Antigone

    Quran Norris English 102 AC106 Mrs. Stephenson 0Antigone Paper Being a part of a family forces one to have responsibilities and duties that are needed to be fulfilled. In Sophocles’ Greek tragedy Antigone, Antigone has the responsibility of being loyal to her brother, Polynices. Her intuition and strong will discourages her from listening to the power of the state, thus disobeying part of her family, to respect her immediate family. Her devotion leads to the destruction of Creon and herself

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  • Natural Law

    Natural law was developed by Thomas Aquinas, in which he believed that there is such a thing as natural moral law that all humans can live by. Natural law ethics depends on the belief that the world was designed by a creator, a God. It teaches everything God made has a purpose, including every aspect of human life, and everything should work towards the purpose assigned to it. If we fulfill this purpose we do ‘good’, for example it is good to preserve life (Do not kill). If we debate the purpose

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  • The Law

    Gus Weekley responses: Good start but be sure to use legal terms na definitions in your responses to support your broader statements. Law will take a bit of time to get used to reading, but stick with it. Law is like long division show every step of your work. There is more to the case and analysis then you have provided. Please do a more indepth analysis of the topic using specifics, legal terms and definitions. You provided a good review of the case, but what were some of the specific

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